Rambling the First time

Its been years since I became a health fanatic. I can’t say its been consistent but the desire to be fit and fabulous has been there. At the end of the day, don’t we all want to look our wow-wow best? Don;t we all want to feel fabulous? Through the years and many fitness experts later, it all clicked in my head. It IS about how you look, but what’s more important is how we feel. Deep inside. Today, I can say some of my newly found habits have created an inner sense of calm. For people who know me, there have been days I could flip out on the fact it was raining outside. Today, i can walk down the street and appreciate a small flower growing, or the breeze in the air.

So whats the secret? Fitness and a wholesome healthy diet. Now these two things will not be identical for me and you. Both aspects are individualized based on things like metabolism, interests, schedule, body type, stress level, etc. But this is my journey and I am sure there are concepts important in this that would be beneficial to all.

So let’s start with Nutrition. This is the building block of inner health and peace. You are what you eat. I never believed in this concept until 2008. I had hit a rough patch personally, working out and eating healthy was the least of my problems. Insomnia was my enemy. Workouts? Blah, who wants to get out of bed?? I was traveling for work in Amsterdam, and being a vegetarian, french fries were my friend. I didn’t really gain too much weight but my pants became tight on me and I started worrying as any normal woman does.  So, there I start my search for some expert tips and I stumbled on an Indian nutritionist, whose methods and concepts were tried and tested for everyone to see with AMAZING results. Would it work for me? I decided to find out. So I contacted the lady herself, the size zero guru: Rujuta Diwaker. With her, the concept of wholesome mini meals that should have nothing to do with how many calories you eat but how many nutrients go into your body was learned by me. To my surprise, no one had to go on an all liquid diet to get the much envied bikini body by Hollywood and Bollywood personalities. Vegetarian diet plans customized for my body’s needs and the location I was at were given to me every 15 days.  I started losing weight but more importantly?  I surprised myself just one week after I started under her care of jogging 35 minutes outside! I had NEVER done this before. For me, running was something “I can’t do more than 5 min”. My energy levels, my skin and hair and attitude changed! Forget the weight loss, it was a new me!  I continued her care for another 1.5 year and moved onto train under Rashi Chowdhary who had worked with Rujuta and myself but had started her own program. The concept was the same, the diets, just a little different due to my location change and schedule. So, more on this in a while.

Fitness. So many different methods. I don;t want to go through everything I have tried, but in my journey, I will probably refer to the many fitness magazines and articles I read, some actually that have been used by me to get a different workout schedule. At the end, I realized, the best fitness routine is a mix of cardio, ab work and total body training. The way MY body works is: I don’t respond that great to too much pure protein, I bulk up. Weights? I bulk up. What I have found is plyometrics, body weight exercises, running, elliptical and my current FAVORITE Bikram Yoga and Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga are all the best form of exercise for me. Everyone has a different reaction so always try different things out until you find out what works best for YOU.

So, having said all this, blah blah stuff, I decided how could I could combine my need for a small motivator (I work best on deadlines) and wanting to share my knowledge with the world? A fitness challenge to look fit and fabulous (read:bikini ready). Now this is not going to be an overnight change. But something that will give results over time. My first check point will be end of August. In this challenge, I want  tone up and brush up on my nutrition using the techniques I learned from my 2 favorite fitness experts (from above).  I have a lot of diet charts that I will use and change-up every 10-15 days. and my workout routine? Self designed for my goals, energy level, work travel schedule and the activities i LOVE the most. 

So, here I go! Come follow me through this journey! Ideally, I like starting my week on Mondays, but Wednesdays are ok too! Never put off what you can do today till tomorrow.  Coming up, the first of many diet plan #1 for myself. Let me go dig up some old emails!

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