Menus and Choices

So, I did a few days on the diet chart posted last week. Now that I am bumping up my workouts (and its a Monday tomorrow), I have the next 15 days charted out on a diet that is for a strenous on the road schedule.  And will post some sample ones over the fews days. The best way to go is to choose one that is best for your needs and easy and just go with that for 15 days. Then after 15 days, start a new one.

Here are a few I like and I didn’t really follow at the time I had gotten them because a) I was sick probably b) I just didn’t! (sorry Rashi!). Becasue I did not follow them, my body didn’t realll know them which I can use them. Remember, change the meals starting with the first one at 10 min of rising, breakfats within one hour of rising and then every 2 hours.

Option 1:

Meal 1: any one fruit (within 10 min of rising)

2: Cereal with milk or jacket potato with cheese (B complex and multi vit)

3: Peanuts

4. 1 chapati+subzi+dal or cheese +vegetable sw

5: Fruit yoghurt (flax seed)

6 (pre workout): Banana

7 (post workout): Soy Milk

8 (Dinner): Soup+ 2-3 egg whites (or can sub tofu or paneer if don’t eat eggs) (Vit C and Vit E)

Option #2:

Meal 1: Any Fruit

Meal 2: 3 egg whites (boiled or omlette) OR Thick Fruit Smoothie (be careful on this, try the ones with higher protein and natural fruit or yogurt and fruit or soy milk and fruit)

Meal 3: 200 ml flavoured soy milk

Meal 4: Grilled veges / soup +salAd with light

Meal 5: Slice of bread  with cheese

Meal 6: 1 scoop protein shake (or soy milk)

Meal 7: Grilled paneer +dal /soup +veg stirfry/
1 bowl of rice +thai curry/dal (3/wk)

Option #3:(good for morning workout days or long days )

Meal 1: Any fruit

Post workout: Protein Shake and one banana

Meal 3:(breakfast so by 8-9am) 2 egg whites (or baked beans or paneer) with 1-2 slices bread

Meal 4: Salad with vinegar or yogurt dressing

meal 5: Cheese cube

meal 6: Veggie sandwich (lunch)

Meal 7: Fruit Yogurt

meal 8: Mixed Nuts

Meal 9: Tofu  or paneer stirfry or edemame +avocado sushi

Option 4:

meal 1: Any fruit

Meal 2: Oatmeal w/Milk

Meal 3: Mixed Nuts

Meal 4: Cheese sandwich with veggies

Meal 5: 2-3 pieces of dark choc (at least 70% coco)

Meal 6: Plain Yogurt

meal 7: Egg whites+ any veg soup

(courtsey Rashi Chowdhary for Reshma Radia)

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