When Life Gets in the Way…..

Well, the week didn’t go as planned. I was so excited to start my Monday off right..I had Bikram Yoga on the schedule for Monday..but it was a travel day…and an unexpected one. 8 hours and 3 cancelled flights later, I found myself in a hotel room in my sandals with nothing with me except the clothes I had on and a very tired body. I hadn’t slept well the night before and the sitting at the airport hopping from flight to flight isn’t the most relaxing of days. So, life got in the way of my schedule. Now what?

Well, just go with the flow. Sure, I need to rethink my workout schedule this week, but I scheduled one day off, I can always just flip flop my off Sunday with my Monday workout. I ate the healthiest I could at the airport and I just relaxed and watched tv yesterday night and got a good nights sleep. One of the top keys to losing fat is sleep. 7-8 hours is what the body needs and if you can manage that, great. I didn’t know this before. I used to think I could sleep 3-4 hours and still be a slim trim me. I quickly found out this was wrong.

Today, I was still tired. I went bang on with eating well, by having my hotel pack me a healthy breakfast which I took on the flight with me. After work,  I got in a 35 min run and 25 min upper body and ab toning routine. I pushed myself, but not to the point of exhaustion. I still have 5 days ahead of me so I need to conserve my energy.

Some of the secrets to how I felt better about skipping my workout and being at war in the airport with the flight delays:

1. I climbed as many escalators in the airport as I could as I hopped from terminal to terminal.

2. I tried to walk the distances in the airport as much as I could instead of using the airport tram or walk ways

3. I made sure I had snacks on hand to replenish myself every 2 hours. I try to keep peanuts and milk in my purse where ever I go.

4. Lots of water

5. Breathe Breathe Breathe. It wasn’t easy dealing with the crowds at the airport, but instead of getting upset, I used what I learned in yoga to calm myself down. It helped because not only did I get upgraded, I wasn’t as worked up as I would have gotten in the past (trust me, I used to be nutso at the airport!)

I was surprised at myself. My best friend told me today–you missed 3 flights, your bag got routed to the wrong airport, you got to work mid day after 1.5 days of traveling..how are you still smiling and happy….lots of breathing and mini naps where I could get them in!

There are so many ways to get around life when you have too much going on to have a normal work out schedule. My 4 year old niece had it right on –she told me  her mommy walks her to school and back sometimes so she can get in her exercise. There you go, minutes right there. A friend of mine told me she puts her kid in the stroller and pushes her for an hour. The baby is happy and mommy is happy. If something happens where your workout gets thrown for a loop, just chill. There are ways to make it up..or just let it go that day. It’s not every day life throws you a curve ball.

Remember..when life gives you lemons..have some vodka..with a twist;-)

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Just a regular working girl who likes health and fitness!

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