Eating on the road Part 1

90% of my meals are unfortunately not home cooked. A job hazard, but not something that has to be an excuse to not eating well.

I posted a list of eating plans that were recommended to me in the past. During that time and since then, I have learned through Rashi, Rujuta and the internet the best wa yto  get around the days when those options for dinner or lunch are just not available…or not appetizing for whatever reason.  Let’s take some common restaurants first and look at the menus and the options that were recommended for me by my two nutritionists:

1. Chinese/Stirfry: Looking at the nutrition plans, a lot of the ones I posted had veggie stirfry or tofu stirfry as the dinner option. It is low on carbs and high on protein and healthy fat, if cooked the right way. One example restaurant I frequented was a place called Wok to Walk. Awesome place, great food. One day, I looked at the nutrition calculator on the website and fell off my chair. 400 calories for a veggie stirfry! But Rashi calmed me down and said “don’t think about this. It is 400 calories but think of the Vitamins you are getting from the broccoli, bamboo shoots, cabbage, onions, green and red peppers, etc. You are getting a good protein source from the tofu. So chill.”  Ideally, if I made a stirfry at home, I would only add oil, garlic, some hot sauce and pepper and skip the sodium rich soy sauce. In a restaurant, you may not have the option. You can, however, ask for the sauce on the side. This way you only add in a small amount. So the wok to Walk Menu looks like this:

What did I usually choose? I usually ate this for dinner, so my choices were:

-The veggie dish+ Broccoli and Tofu+ Garlic and Black Pepper Sauce

If I had chosen the lunch option, I would have added in the rice or whole wheat noodles to the veggies.

Most Asian restaurants have similar options right off the menu like P.F. Changs, Flatop Grill, etc.

So, for example P.F Changs:

I would choose

-a soup to start

-Coconut Curry veggies or Steamed version of Buddha’s Feast for dinner.

OR the lettuce wraps with tofu


For lunch, i would choose

-Steamed dumplings to start

-Same main as above, but add some rice or small portion of noodles

This is just the recommendations I have had in the past for ME. And I have never felt like those recommendations were misleading.

2. Mexican–my favorite type of food. YUMMMMMMMM. Well, some dishes as Mexican restaurants are –well–BAD for more than an occasional indulgence. So, if I go to somewhere like On the Border, I don’t always feast on burritos and enchiladas. Sure, sometimes i do. But more than likely, I will choose something just as fulfilling in taste but on the healthier side for my arteries!

For Dinner:

–Soup to start

–Veggie fajitas -I make sure to eat the veggies+ Guac for healthy fat, bit of sour cream and black beans (I would skip the tortillas or have one)

For lunch:

–Veggie soft tacos with cheese

-small salad or soup

If you are going to somewhere like Moes, Qdoba or Chipotle, it is even easier! I love these places because you know what you are getting and its fresh. At chipotle, I usually get the Veggie Fajita Bowl or Veggie soft tacos with:

–Rice (sometimes i get this, sometimes I leave it out)

— Black Beans


-Corn (for lunch I get this, for dinner I skip)

-Guac or cheese



At Qdoba, they even have a tortilla soup so sometimes I add that in because it is YUMMMMYYY and eat half the bowl or have 1-2 tacos (small ones). Some restaurants even have tomato soup or something along those lines and I add in black beans and it becomes a great mini meal.

OK, I am tired now..more to come on this topic tomorrow….if anyone is following along and is interested in a particular menu or type of cuisine being explored, please email me:

Remember these are just from what I learned! I am not the expert…just someone who has experienced some good results with great advice!

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