Resting Rate Metabolism–How to Calculate

The amount of calories your body burns when sitting around doing nothing is a key number to know if you are trying to lose fat. Resting Rate metabolism or RMR allows you to figure out how much your body needs in order to survive. Every person is different… is like a finger print—no one person is the same. There are tests to do this at your local gym, but if you don’t want to spend that money, there is an easier way to figure this out.

My very first trainer, Sergio, sent me an excel sheet that did the calculation for me, but it is very simple.  Use the following calculation to estimate your RMR:

1. Weight in LBS /2.2= A

2. Height in Inches *2.54=B

3. A*9.6=C

4. B*1.8=D

5. Age*4.7=E


6. Activity Factor RMR*1.55 (this activity factor is for moderate activity 3-5 times a week) = F

Weight Loss:

1lb/week= F-500

1.5 lb/week = F-750

2 lbs/week=F-1000


Clearly you do not need to a mathematician to calculate this formula! 😉




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