This is it…..let’s begin!

OK–so we spent all of August learning and getting our bodies and mind in the right mode to charge forward 100%. So this week is the beginning of just charging forward with a prepared mind-set and warmed up body.

Hopefully with the progress made so far, there is enough interest in continuing or at least positive results to keep the motivation going. If you are going to continue on, think one thing through. What is your goal? Is it to lose weight? It is to tone up? Is it to lead a healthier lifestyle? is it all of the above? None of these answers are wrong. In fact, no answer is wrong. But we must understand what we are trying to accomplish for those days where working out seems a far off item on your to-do list…or that chocolate box is calling your name. Those are the times when this goal should flash in the mind as a signal to focus.


My goal is all of the above. As I said, I booked me a mini cruise vacation—my goal is to be fit and fabulous for that. Of course I will continue to lead this healthy lifestyle. So, my first goal was to start eating right. As i said in my last post…I had a hell of a two weeks! My eating plan pretty much went out the window….shoot, the last time I saw the inside of a gym was 2 weeks ago! However, all was not lost. First, the stress of everything kept me in check….I pushed boxes, climbed stairs….slept 2-3 hours a night only…it was no time to think about my workouts. That is life and I have no regrets. But, it is time to get back on track, start eating wisely and taking my vitamins. Bikini Body is the first goal ….and so I decided to make a phone call on Saturday to Rashi Chowdhary. And as of today, I am in her capable hands to resume a healthy meal plan….glowing skin…shiney hair…and a fit and fab body with no starvation.  It’s funny, we talked after almost 8 months and the first few questions she asked me were:

–Do you need to lose weight?–Obviously the answer was no.

–Do you want to tone up?–Yes

–What has changed in your life since the last time–this questions comes as the last 2-3 years have just been CRAZY for me in terms of travel and other stresses. Now that I finally have settled into a somewhat normal routine, I was able to tell her how my life has evolved for the better the last few months.

— How much water are you drinking

–Are you taking your supplements? –I admitted it was not regularly. This is the first thing we need to change, she said.

-Do you eat post dinner–yes, I do…my weakness is chips….popsicles and/or ice cream!—this needs to change. If you eat well all day then this won’t happen.

So, I gave her my daily schedule which goes from 645am – 11 pm daily..from waking up to going to bed each day.  In addition, there may be some long distance international travel  coming up for me next week and a long haul flight needed to be accounted for. Each meal plan usually lasts about 15 days. However, my busy schedule for the next 2 weeks screamed for 3 diet plans in the next 15 days. 1 for my week in NYC. 1 for the plane ride and 1 for my time abroad. Remember we eat according to the local foods. What I am eating in NYC may not be what I am eating somewhere else in the world! But, I will be posting these only one at a time. Again, this one hour call took into account my workout schedule, my work schedule, how much I am flying,being home on the weekends (she will give home cooked food choices on weekends and being in a hotel on weekdays will give the easy pick up from the local deli type choices),where I am in the world and my food likes and dislikes.

Meal Plan #1 New York City:

Meal 1 (on rising 630am): Any fruit ..preferably one banana and Vitamin B Complex

Meal 2 (830, post workout or post yoga): 1 whole wheat toast with 2 egg whites and one yellow (OR baked beans or paneer or tofu to sub eggs for vegans) OR poha or upma with Veggies (on days I am at home) Supplemt Any antioxidant that has at least 500mg of Vit C

Meal 3: (10:30am): Plain Soy Milk

Meal 4:(1-130) Cheese n vegetable Sandwich on whole wheat(on the road) or stuffed
paratha with subzi + curd raita(at home) Omega 3 supplement

Meal 5 (430): Handful of peanuts OR 8 almonds

Meal 6  (630pm): Any fruit (if working out, pre workout) OR fruit yogurt on non workout days (not fat-free)

Meal 7 (830pm): Grilled Paneer or Edemame + avocado sushi OR if at home 1 besan cheela

Bedtime: Calcium supplement

Drink 3-3.5 L water

On travel Sundays– Meal 7 can be a sprouts salad with chutneys for dinner on the flight (carry with) and Meal 8: late night after landing a small glass of fresh OJ


So, here I go tomorrow, starting fresh and completely trust worthy of what Rashi has me doing. She knows my goals, she knows what to do. I will just follow her plan as directed. This is the mind set we need to be in described in the beginning of this post.

Now that 70% of my battle is over (being fit is 70% nutrition and 30% workout), I put together a workout plan myself for the remaining 30% of my totally fit lifestyle. To my utter shock and dismay, I found out my yoga studio closed down when I went there this evening all prepared to sweat it out and saw a “we have closed” sign:-( I will need to find another one, but for the time being, I need to re adjust my workouts for the days I planned to go to yoga in the mornings to start my day fresh. Instead, I will do a light workout. Rashi warned me–do NOT over exert yourself on workouts. You will not see progress if you stress your body out to the point of utter exhaustion. This week will look like this:

Monday: 35 min cardio and 20 min abs

Tuesday: Morning: 40 min cardio Evening:1 hour  Circuit training or hot yoga if new studio found

Weds: Morning: 35 min cardio Intervals Evening:Yoga

Thursday: Morning: 1 hour Circuit training or hot yoga  Evening: Off

Friday: Morning: hot yoga Evening: 40 min cardio

Sat: 45 min cardio

Sun: Rest

I feel a bit unbalanced because I cannot say what is going on with my precious Bikram Yoga! I called a friend today and said “I am frustrated and I can’t go to yoga to blow off the steam!!!”. That is how therapeutic it has become for me. Anyway, this is life…..where there is a will..there’s a way..and I will definitely find a way!



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