The Travel Week Workout and Meal Plan

Last week I did a pretty good job in at least getting to the gym, keeping up with Rashi’s meal plan and drinking a TON of water. I had a few issues Sat/Sunday due to low blood pressure but this was not a huge set back.  I tend to get this if I am stressed. Hurricane Irene stressed me out! Kidding, but she definitely harassed a lot of my fellow East Coast friends!


Ok, so this week is a LONGGG travel week for me. I mentioned 3 meals plans in my previous post. I made a mistake. I do have 3 meal plans but not for 15 days but from Aug 22-Sept 11. 1 for NY, 1 for my long haul flight and 1 for my time in Asia.

Today starts the first segment of a long haul flight. Orlando–>Atlanta–> San Francisco. Now this is not TOO bad because I can carry my snacks and dinner as I am leaving from home. My mom is happy because I actually allowed her to cook for me and I am happy because I won’t be starving or having to hunt for what I need in Atlanta airport or on the 6 hour flight to San Francisco.

Tomorrow,however, is going to be the hard ones. This is what meal plan 2 was created for. As eager as I am to post it, I will hold off until tomorrow:)

So what does today’s meal plan look like, taking into account a long day+a 3 hour time difference? Landing in San Francisco at 10pm local time…I am definitely not expected to keep my stomach empty so many hours after dinner!

Meal 1: Banana (same as before)

Meal 2: Upma (at home option, same as before)

Meal 3: Soy Milk (same)

Meal 4: Paratha with sabzi and yogurt (same as before home option)

Meal 5: Handful of Peanuts (will be at airport or on flight–easy to do since flights serve peanuts like water!)

Meal 6: Fruit Yogurt (can be found anywhere!)

Meal 7: (Dinner): Sprouts salad with Chutneys (carry on flight from home, easy to carry and filling with protein)

Meal 8: On landing: one glass of fresh OJ and calcium Citrate. Then sleep!

Important: Drink lots of water!


Rashi also asked me: Will you be drinking on your trip. The answer was yes. So the next 2 diet plans will reflect the fact that I will be, indeed, consuming alcohol (YUM ;-)). 

I did my workout yesterday–Monday– a tough boot camp class that included ab work/resistance bands and cardio like jumping jacks, high knee jogging, simulated jump rope, etc.

Today I will most likely not be working out. Travel days are tough. However, my flight from San Francisco is tomorrow afternoon so I will be getting in a short workout in the morning–to rejuvenate myself and stretch before the dreaded 11+6 hours flights!

If you want some fun reading to do, checkout this book. I used this last year because I was bored with my workouts. I ignored almost everything in it in terms of fod plans (although I read everything) and did just the workouts…..AWESOME and fun. I even skipped the writing and meditation, but the workouts are so much fun! 3 different circuit workouts and ab workouts that will just kick your butt (or abs)!


Stay tuned!

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