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It’s just not that good for you

This post is a repost and synopsis of what i have read on a few blogs/pages the past few weeks (referenced below). We all think certain foods are great for us because..well….they tell us they are good for us..right on the package! Or we have ben brought up thinking certain key words automatically mean it will cut calories and be good for us. Well….think again. Below are the top 5 foods that are really not good for us and why:(no particular order)


1. GATORADE/VITAMIN WATER: These are sold as thirst quenchers and they do nothing but the opposite to our system. They have a whole lot of vitamins and electrolytes but what is the point if they come loaded with sugar. They raise our glucose levels too fast and further dehydrate our system. If you have 2.5 to 3lts of regular water daily you do not need to worry about quenching your thirst with sugary drinks!
If you are worried about being low on electrolytes at the gym and resort to this…instead focus on having a nutritious pre and post work out meal that compliments your work out.

2. Light dressings:  Here..Low calorie or Light” actually = high sugar,almost 10 gms!!Also..check the ingredient List: the second one is glucose syrup.(they’re always written in the order of predominance) and The amount of sodium is sky rocketing at almost 600 mg which makes your tissues retain way too much water,feel bloated and can lead to high blood pressure.We don’t need more than 1500 mg IN THE WHOLE DAY to stay healthy.

3. Fat Free products: Our favorite Fat free treats are full of soooo many more artificial chemicals and emulsifiers that our liver has to stop its main job of burning fat and focus on detoxifying our bodies of this junk. Also, 1 oz regular version of this brand has 90 mg of sodium compared to the fat free one which has 150 mg.

So the next time you complain of having a slower metabolism, or stubborn belly fat inspite of having a refrigerator full of fat free,low fat products..think of LOVING YOUR LIVER!


4. DIET COKE: All those who have this liver damaging fizz in the hope of getting only 1 calorie or less just know that “the aspartame” it contains will only clog your poor liver and take it further away from doing its main job of detoxifying and metabolizing fat! Your body is smarter than you think and will always make up or adjust the calories in many different ways generally in the form of craving for some extra carbs!!

5. Special K cereal:

Special k….not so special!

Things you need to know:

1.Read the list of ingredients, they are always in order of predominance, with those USED IN THE GREATEST AMOUNT FIRST…Special k has “rice” followed by “sugar” as the second ingredient!!

2.Infact,if you have JUST 30 GMS of this cereal (we always have way more) with milk ,you get 13 gms of sugar which is = 3-4 CUBES OF SUGAR…Such a sugar rush early morning?? you are bound to have a crazy craving within the next 1.5 hrs.

3.It has less than 1gm of fibre…so special k does nothing special for your digestive tract.Like any other highly processed food it rips nutrients off your body to get digested.



On the way back….surviving the time zones

On my trip in Bangkok, I spent half my time battling jet lag and therefore able to workout in the mornings and the other half relaxing and not caring about working out and even slipping up a bit on my meal plan 😉 let’s not mention the drinks just yet! (more about this later).

So here I am on my way back I’ve pretty much stayed up all night in order to catch my first flight. I needed to leave the hotel at 245 am to get to my flight. So after some phone tag, rashi and I talked and we planned out my plan for the next 2 days along with my 15 day plan starting Monday when I arrive in new York.

Because of the long distance, my flights and layovers were a bit crazy. For example, every time I landed it was Sunday afternoon then Sunday morning again!!! How do u figure out breakfast, lunch dinner? So this is what rashi did. She started the travel plan right after dinner Saturday night. Since I was not going to sleep, my body still needed the energy until I did sleep or my metabolism would crash which we don’t want! So after dinner, she had me do this:

Post dinner (1130 pm) :A glass of milk

On the way to Airport (3am): 8 almonds

Sleep in flight

On rising fruit and b complex

On landing: orange juice and cheese sandwich or mashed potato and egg whites

This brings me through flight 1 and the layover in Tokyo. Then comes the 9.5 hour flight to San Francisco. She basically said to eat well but eat every 3 hours. So this consisted of:

Meal 1: soy milk( I couldn’t find this in Tokyo airport but found a soy fruit bar so I am going to do that)

Meal 2: in flight meal and omega 3

Meal 3: protein bar (which I carried with me)

That should take me 9 hours or more into the flight. When I land in San Fran, it wil, be morning so at this point I more or less start my 15 day plan that was charted out for me for the next 15 days. Due to availability of foods in the airport, she gave me some substitutions for Sunday from San Francisco to new York. Also, rashi told me in terms of working out, don’t do full blown workouts this week due to the jet lag and long hours of travel. But she asked me to do at least 40 min of cardio 4 days this week, which was fair. Also, since I will be home after so long this weekend, she gave me home cooked meal options for the weekends too. So the 9/11/2011 meal plan for 15 days looks like this:

Meal 1 (on rising)(745am) : any fruit
Meal 2 ( 9am): 2 egg whites and whole wheat toast (or paneer tofu or baked beans) or dalia with veggies on weekends
Meal 3 (11 am) 8 macadamia nuts
Meal 4 (1 or 130) 1 roti and paneer or daal and a small salad
Meal 5(330) soy milk
Meal 6(530/6): slice of cheese (this week or non workout days) or next week when I resume regular workouts pre workout fruit and post workout protein shake

Meal 7( dinner)(830): moong sprouts salad or at home daal and vegetable sabzi

In San Francisco, if I can’t find the moong sprouts option (pretty good chance I wont) I will be looking for a cheese salad with a slice of bread for dinner ( pretty easy!)

I mentioned earlier in the post about my fun happy hour escapades the last 10 days…. Since i have been indulging, rashi wanted go keep the meal plan for the next 2 weeks a bit light to make up for the last few weeks. I was okay with that…….the biggest challenge will not be what I eat but my sleep patterns the next week or so!!! I can already see myself up and wide eyed at 3 am due to the 11 hour time difference! if I am…I will be writing!

Thinking global and eating local……

Here I am in Bangkok…Thailand! it is humid/hot and the city is amazing!

I had mentioned a while back about what I had learned via Rashi and Rujuta—think global but eat local. Eat what the locals eat in the city you are in. Don[t carry things from home to eat as that food may not suit you at that point in time. For example, when I am in NY, New Yorkers eat a lot of pizza, etc but New Yorkers are also famous for the salads/soups and local sandwiches. New York is also a place full of different types of cuisines so when I eat there, I eat what people there would normally pick up amongst the hustle and bustle. However, in Thailand, the Thai people are famous for their coconut curries (perceived as fattening but actually quite good for you), rice, noodles, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts.  The heat and humidity here scream for people to replenish their electrolytes and feed the bodies with carbs to maintain  energy in the hot weather. So when I told Rashi I was going to be in Thailand she told me there was now ay my Meal Plan 1 from her would work here. She made me my third Meal Plan for  Thailand which took into account some happy hour drinking, the hot weather, the possible lack of working out (even though I have here and there), and the local foods. The only thing I have with me are my vitamins, some starter dried fruits so I don’t have to go looking for them here…and my blackberry containing my meal plan!  This one looks like this:

Meal 1 (on rising): 2 figs, 3 walnuts and Vitamin B Complex

Meal 2 Breakfast in Hotel: 1 whole wheat toast with baked beans and cheese OR museli and milk

Meal 3: Fresh tender Coconut Water with pulp (replenish electrolytes, are found on the streets a dime a dozen and is refreshing!)

Meal 4: Lunch: 6 tablespoons of rice with Tofu and Veggies OR Udon Noodles with Veggies or cheese sandwich on wheat (can be found anywhere here)

Meal 5: Protein Shake or Protein bar

Meal 6: Handful of local nuts

Meal 7: Dinner: Thai curry with rice or Veg stirfry with bean sprouts or tofu

Bed time: Calcium

Drink 3.5 L water daily (I usually surpass this due to the heat!)

So far this has been very easy except silly me forgot my protein shake at home. I will be going out to the city today as it is a Sunday and am certain I can find protein bars somewhere which is the other option.

My hotel has an awesome gym and outdoor pool so yesterday morning I did a quick 40 min workout to wake myself up from the jetlag and then sat by the pool in the evening….with a yummy mojito! And having a mai thai? definitely eating local:)



The 11 hour flight meal plan

Here I am over half way through the first of two lonnnggg flights and I have to say I’ve managed quite well in my food, pre flight preparations and in flight. The worst I’ve done so far is have had a couple glasses of wine. I’ve never been a fan of airline food so in general I am not even tempted to eat it ( save for the ice creams they sometimes pass out). But because I prepared myself well I didn’t even think about eating anything other than what I had with me, pre bought in San Fran airport per my chart planned carefully by Rashi before I left.

I had meals 1-3 pre flight.

Meal plan # 2 (flight plan)

Meal 1 one banana or any fruit
Meal 2 2 egg whites with wheat toast (or baked beans or tofu)
Meal 3 glass of milk

Meal 4 carry a cheese and vegetable sandwich on flight ( bought from local sandwich deli in airport)
Meal 5 handful of peanuts
Meal 6 fruit yogurt ( I had Greek blueberry yogurt as it tastes more like a treat and keeps me full longer)
Meal 7 3 egg whites (or protein in any form like sprouts or tofu or paneer )( carried with me) with any type of carbs and salads from flight ( my mom made me parathas so those are my carbs and got some greens from a Greek deli at the airport)

After sleeping wake up and have fruits
In between if hungry drink milk
On landing orange juice

Now when I land it will be 430pm local time and after a two hour layover I will be boarding a flight for another 5 hours! So the plan is to stick to the above, then switch over to the local meal plan after landing. Chances are I won’t need to as I will have had meal 7 aout 2 hours pre landing and probably will fall asleep for mostttt of the next flight!

So that is how to survive a long flight without breaking a healthy lifestyle. Of course I am eager to eat local and funny enough , I will be eating my favorite foods starting tomorrow!! Let me tell you another thing. Once I get back to the new York I will defiantly be gorging on a slice of ny style pizza at some point! And guess what? That is totally allowed once every 6-10 days!!!