The 11 hour flight meal plan

Here I am over half way through the first of two lonnnggg flights and I have to say I’ve managed quite well in my food, pre flight preparations and in flight. The worst I’ve done so far is have had a couple glasses of wine. I’ve never been a fan of airline food so in general I am not even tempted to eat it ( save for the ice creams they sometimes pass out). But because I prepared myself well I didn’t even think about eating anything other than what I had with me, pre bought in San Fran airport per my chart planned carefully by Rashi before I left.

I had meals 1-3 pre flight.

Meal plan # 2 (flight plan)

Meal 1 one banana or any fruit
Meal 2 2 egg whites with wheat toast (or baked beans or tofu)
Meal 3 glass of milk

Meal 4 carry a cheese and vegetable sandwich on flight ( bought from local sandwich deli in airport)
Meal 5 handful of peanuts
Meal 6 fruit yogurt ( I had Greek blueberry yogurt as it tastes more like a treat and keeps me full longer)
Meal 7 3 egg whites (or protein in any form like sprouts or tofu or paneer )( carried with me) with any type of carbs and salads from flight ( my mom made me parathas so those are my carbs and got some greens from a Greek deli at the airport)

After sleeping wake up and have fruits
In between if hungry drink milk
On landing orange juice

Now when I land it will be 430pm local time and after a two hour layover I will be boarding a flight for another 5 hours! So the plan is to stick to the above, then switch over to the local meal plan after landing. Chances are I won’t need to as I will have had meal 7 aout 2 hours pre landing and probably will fall asleep for mostttt of the next flight!

So that is how to survive a long flight without breaking a healthy lifestyle. Of course I am eager to eat local and funny enough , I will be eating my favorite foods starting tomorrow!! Let me tell you another thing. Once I get back to the new York I will defiantly be gorging on a slice of ny style pizza at some point! And guess what? That is totally allowed once every 6-10 days!!!

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