Thinking global and eating local……

Here I am in Bangkok…Thailand! it is humid/hot and the city is amazing!

I had mentioned a while back about what I had learned via Rashi and Rujuta—think global but eat local. Eat what the locals eat in the city you are in. Don[t carry things from home to eat as that food may not suit you at that point in time. For example, when I am in NY, New Yorkers eat a lot of pizza, etc but New Yorkers are also famous for the salads/soups and local sandwiches. New York is also a place full of different types of cuisines so when I eat there, I eat what people there would normally pick up amongst the hustle and bustle. However, in Thailand, the Thai people are famous for their coconut curries (perceived as fattening but actually quite good for you), rice, noodles, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts.  The heat and humidity here scream for people to replenish their electrolytes and feed the bodies with carbs to maintain  energy in the hot weather. So when I told Rashi I was going to be in Thailand she told me there was now ay my Meal Plan 1 from her would work here. She made me my third Meal Plan for  Thailand which took into account some happy hour drinking, the hot weather, the possible lack of working out (even though I have here and there), and the local foods. The only thing I have with me are my vitamins, some starter dried fruits so I don’t have to go looking for them here…and my blackberry containing my meal plan!  This one looks like this:

Meal 1 (on rising): 2 figs, 3 walnuts and Vitamin B Complex

Meal 2 Breakfast in Hotel: 1 whole wheat toast with baked beans and cheese OR museli and milk

Meal 3: Fresh tender Coconut Water with pulp (replenish electrolytes, are found on the streets a dime a dozen and is refreshing!)

Meal 4: Lunch: 6 tablespoons of rice with Tofu and Veggies OR Udon Noodles with Veggies or cheese sandwich on wheat (can be found anywhere here)

Meal 5: Protein Shake or Protein bar

Meal 6: Handful of local nuts

Meal 7: Dinner: Thai curry with rice or Veg stirfry with bean sprouts or tofu

Bed time: Calcium

Drink 3.5 L water daily (I usually surpass this due to the heat!)

So far this has been very easy except silly me forgot my protein shake at home. I will be going out to the city today as it is a Sunday and am certain I can find protein bars somewhere which is the other option.

My hotel has an awesome gym and outdoor pool so yesterday morning I did a quick 40 min workout to wake myself up from the jetlag and then sat by the pool in the evening….with a yummy mojito! And having a mai thai? definitely eating local:)



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