On the way back….surviving the time zones

On my trip in Bangkok, I spent half my time battling jet lag and therefore able to workout in the mornings and the other half relaxing and not caring about working out and even slipping up a bit on my meal plan 😉 let’s not mention the drinks just yet! (more about this later).

So here I am on my way back I’ve pretty much stayed up all night in order to catch my first flight. I needed to leave the hotel at 245 am to get to my flight. So after some phone tag, rashi and I talked and we planned out my plan for the next 2 days along with my 15 day plan starting Monday when I arrive in new York.

Because of the long distance, my flights and layovers were a bit crazy. For example, every time I landed it was Sunday afternoon then Sunday morning again!!! How do u figure out breakfast, lunch dinner? So this is what rashi did. She started the travel plan right after dinner Saturday night. Since I was not going to sleep, my body still needed the energy until I did sleep or my metabolism would crash which we don’t want! So after dinner, she had me do this:

Post dinner (1130 pm) :A glass of milk

On the way to Airport (3am): 8 almonds

Sleep in flight

On rising fruit and b complex

On landing: orange juice and cheese sandwich or mashed potato and egg whites

This brings me through flight 1 and the layover in Tokyo. Then comes the 9.5 hour flight to San Francisco. She basically said to eat well but eat every 3 hours. So this consisted of:

Meal 1: soy milk( I couldn’t find this in Tokyo airport but found a soy fruit bar so I am going to do that)

Meal 2: in flight meal and omega 3

Meal 3: protein bar (which I carried with me)

That should take me 9 hours or more into the flight. When I land in San Fran, it wil, be morning so at this point I more or less start my 15 day plan that was charted out for me for the next 15 days. Due to availability of foods in the airport, she gave me some substitutions for Sunday from San Francisco to new York. Also, rashi told me in terms of working out, don’t do full blown workouts this week due to the jet lag and long hours of travel. But she asked me to do at least 40 min of cardio 4 days this week, which was fair. Also, since I will be home after so long this weekend, she gave me home cooked meal options for the weekends too. So the 9/11/2011 meal plan for 15 days looks like this:

Meal 1 (on rising)(745am) : any fruit
Meal 2 ( 9am): 2 egg whites and whole wheat toast (or paneer tofu or baked beans) or dalia with veggies on weekends
Meal 3 (11 am) 8 macadamia nuts
Meal 4 (1 or 130) 1 roti and paneer or daal and a small salad
Meal 5(330) soy milk
Meal 6(530/6): slice of cheese (this week or non workout days) or next week when I resume regular workouts pre workout fruit and post workout protein shake

Meal 7( dinner)(830): moong sprouts salad or at home daal and vegetable sabzi

In San Francisco, if I can’t find the moong sprouts option (pretty good chance I wont) I will be looking for a cheese salad with a slice of bread for dinner ( pretty easy!)

I mentioned earlier in the post about my fun happy hour escapades the last 10 days…. Since i have been indulging, rashi wanted go keep the meal plan for the next 2 weeks a bit light to make up for the last few weeks. I was okay with that…….the biggest challenge will not be what I eat but my sleep patterns the next week or so!!! I can already see myself up and wide eyed at 3 am due to the 11 hour time difference! if I am…I will be writing!

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