It’s just not that good for you

This post is a repost and synopsis of what i have read on a few blogs/pages the past few weeks (referenced below). We all think certain foods are great for us because..well….they tell us they are good for us..right on the package! Or we have ben brought up thinking certain key words automatically mean it will cut calories and be good for us. Well….think again. Below are the top 5 foods that are really not good for us and why:(no particular order)


1. GATORADE/VITAMIN WATER: These are sold as thirst quenchers and they do nothing but the opposite to our system. They have a whole lot of vitamins and electrolytes but what is the point if they come loaded with sugar. They raise our glucose levels too fast and further dehydrate our system. If you have 2.5 to 3lts of regular water daily you do not need to worry about quenching your thirst with sugary drinks!
If you are worried about being low on electrolytes at the gym and resort to this…instead focus on having a nutritious pre and post work out meal that compliments your work out.

2. Light dressings:  Here..Low calorie or Light” actually = high sugar,almost 10 gms!!Also..check the ingredient List: the second one is glucose syrup.(they’re always written in the order of predominance) and The amount of sodium is sky rocketing at almost 600 mg which makes your tissues retain way too much water,feel bloated and can lead to high blood pressure.We don’t need more than 1500 mg IN THE WHOLE DAY to stay healthy.

3. Fat Free products: Our favorite Fat free treats are full of soooo many more artificial chemicals and emulsifiers that our liver has to stop its main job of burning fat and focus on detoxifying our bodies of this junk. Also, 1 oz regular version of this brand has 90 mg of sodium compared to the fat free one which has 150 mg.

So the next time you complain of having a slower metabolism, or stubborn belly fat inspite of having a refrigerator full of fat free,low fat products..think of LOVING YOUR LIVER!


4. DIET COKE: All those who have this liver damaging fizz in the hope of getting only 1 calorie or less just know that “the aspartame” it contains will only clog your poor liver and take it further away from doing its main job of detoxifying and metabolizing fat! Your body is smarter than you think and will always make up or adjust the calories in many different ways generally in the form of craving for some extra carbs!!

5. Special K cereal:

Special k….not so special!

Things you need to know:

1.Read the list of ingredients, they are always in order of predominance, with those USED IN THE GREATEST AMOUNT FIRST…Special k has “rice” followed by “sugar” as the second ingredient!!

2.Infact,if you have JUST 30 GMS of this cereal (we always have way more) with milk ,you get 13 gms of sugar which is = 3-4 CUBES OF SUGAR…Such a sugar rush early morning?? you are bound to have a crazy craving within the next 1.5 hrs.

3.It has less than 1gm of fibre…so special k does nothing special for your digestive tract.Like any other highly processed food it rips nutrients off your body to get digested.



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