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Going past the next level…..

The most frustrating part of working out and trying to get fit is when you workout like anything, watch what you eat and show no results….that’s when the most dangerous two words go through the brain: “why bother?”

Like I have mentioned before, nutrition of course, is 70% of being healthy, but the right work out is the other 30%. The last 2 weeks I have noticed what works for me is a certain circuit training combined with cardio and some sun salutations–only 4 times a week with a healthy eating plan has toned and tightened everything. Not really lost any weight, but minus a size and 1.25 one would complain!

Today, I will share the next 15 day diet+ one of the 3 circuit training routines I follow (trust me it is effective AND fun!) as is the new meal plan!

Meal Plan Oct 31 (15 days):

Meal 1 (within 10 of rising): Any fruit (usually a banana, my favorite) (Vitamin B complex)

Meal 2 (9/915am): Cereal with milk (kashi cereals are good and yum…Special K..not so good for you!)

Meal 3: (11/1130 am): Plain Yogurt

Meal 4: (130 pm): South Indian (like Masala Dosa with sambhar+chutney, Idli with chutney,etc) OR Basic Indian 1 roti+ paneer OR sushi with edamame OR cheese sandwich on wheat bread (Omega 3)

Meal 5: (330pm): 4-6 prunes

Meal 6: (530/6pm) (pre workout meal): 1 slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter

Meal 7 (830pm) post workout: protein shake+ 1 portion protein+ 1 portion veggies (i.e. daal (protein)+ green veggies (veggies) OR avocado(protein) salad(veggies) OR cheese (protein) salad (veggies)) (Vitamin C, E and Anti Oxidant) 


The following circuit training program comes from a book called Bikini Boot camp. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G workout+ awesome results. Trust me, I see the results within a couple of weeks!

Circuit A:

Start: 2 min jump rope or jumping jacks or simulate jump rope

-Plie Squats (1 min): Do as many as you can focusing on form) (i do mine without weights but can hold 5 lbs)

– Bent Elbow Raises (use 3-5 lbs weight): 1 min

-Slow Bicycles (1 min)

–  2 min jump rope or jumping jacks or simulate jump rope

-Lateral Lunges (alternate sides): 1 min

– tricep Dips 1 min

– Bent knee roll ups 1 min

– 2 min jump rope or jumping jacks or simulate jump rope

– Leg raises against wall (30 seconds each side)

– Shoulder level bicep curls (3-5 lbs weight) 1 min

– Dead bug 1 min

– Repeat all from start one time

–should take between 38-45 min


3 min of traditional crunches with alternate leg extensions

3 min stretch

After this, which takes me about 45 min, I cool down for about 20-35 min on the elliptical.

The program also recommends doing a morning session of sun salutations for 10-15 min (I have gotten to 70 in 9 min) and meditation for 15 min to jump-start the day.

You can take a break between each set of leg/arm/ab/cardio set  but no more than 1 min.

This type of interval training definitely breaks plateaus and tones and trims you. Plus you can finish your workout in less than an hour and feel fantastic!


Hello pants I haven’t seen in 2 years!

I went into my old boxes of work clothes yesterday….thinknig I could find some fall sweaters for the brisk weather coming up…..and I saw these pari of mom REFUSES to let me throw away! She constantly told me..You HAVE these pants…go wear them..and my response? “I can;t they don;t fit anymore, sorry!”  The brand is BEBE—smaller sizes….i usually went up a size in that store but somehow..who knows when I was a smart alec and went and bought a size 2 pair of pants from there. Now I am sure they must have fit that day…but i don’t recall wearing them too many times..the last time…I remember I was in Toronto—2009! Its 2011…haven’t even LOOKED them at except to throw them out into good will—and somehow mother dear just seems to put them right back into my closet.

So since I am a curious cat, I decided to try them out..let’s see how much progress is needed to fit into these..maybe it would be an inspiration to take my 5 class groupon zumba classes……and continue my already 7 day no drinking detox (which feels grrrrreat btw). I throw on the pants…ready to battle with the button..and my knees nearly buckled in shock–they freakin FIT ME.  Last weekend I had gone “window” shopping and tried on some jeans…I noticed I fit into one size smaller but took it as a fluke..maybe the jeans were a different fit, different brand blah blah. but it is official. I am MY SIZE-1 ! (BTW rashi told me to post this as a celebration of my progress!).

Diwali is just around the coroner guys—we, as indians, should NOT skip any festivities due to “festive foods” …in fact, I had a diwali dinner yesterday with my family—we had some yummy foods of Bhel, paratha, paneer, mathia, samosa, and  sweet sev etc. and I ate heartily..because we don’t do this every day. One thing I had learned from Rujuta–don’t punish your self for anything…not eating during Diwali is a punishment, and if we have been disciplined mostly and have seen progress, the celebrations are a way of telling your body that you did well this year!

I cannot stress the benefits I am getting from sun salutations, or surya namaskar. I found this link online and I think it is a really inspiring article on how to complete surya namaskar daily…start off like this–I actually time myself for 9-10 minutes right now where I can complete 60 rounds in a heart pumping fashion (this technique was taught to me by my Chennai teacher, Vinodh from Bharat Thakur’s yoga school). The way I do it…the first 10 rounds are done with each breath, the next 40 rounds as fast as possible (i can still hear him counting faster than the clock’s seconds hand moves) and the last 5-10 are done again to strech yourself out and catch some more oxygen into the body. Forget losing weight–don’t think about that–the benefits of this are much deeper: clear mind, younger looking skin, stretching the body, a nice start to the day and a good warm up for your workout. Of course there are PLENTY more that help your inner body.  For those of you who are interested, take a look at this link:


New 15 day plan coming up later this week. BTW, I did indeed detox from happy hour this week (day 7!) until mommy dearest informed me: “Did you know NYQUIL has alcohol in it?”  OOPS….does that count:P?





Making Progress….festivities coming up!

I did it..I actually made some progress in the quest to become fit. So here I was, hovering over the same measurements for weeks……what was going wrong?????  So the last 2 weeks, I tightened up on what I ate…last week, I tried to watch my portions in the sense I did not eat more than I could chew! Loving food, sometimes, like many others, I tend to eat until I am full..then eat some more just because it tastes good. And last but not least…I added in some intervals and 10 min morning runs to my workout. Running intervals of 1 min, walking for 1 min for 20 minutes are a great way to break a plateau.

The last few days have been a no-go on the workouts for me….I came down with a fever on Monday and Tuesday… yesterday I convinced myself I really “didn’t need to exert myself at the gym”…..I knew that was wrong… was the fact I woke up at 630 this morning and just decided NOT to get my morning run in. Why? This is me..I get to a certain goal, and then I stop…..which is why I need to break the trend of this. So, back on tomorrow..morning runs…..evening workouts! I bought a groupon for 10 yoga classes with my buddy CK. She and I are going to hit the yoga classes next week…..I also bought a groupon for 5 Zumba classes…this was over a month ago..I have never tried Zumba, heard it was may try my hand at it this weekend!

On the food side…well, i worked hard and I played harder…..I didn’t give up my happy hours just yet…and I even had a homemade pizza on Monday!  Rashi was happy so far with my progress but she’s not so impressed that she giving me a break! (I like that btw. I need someone to keep me in check). She charted out a very basic 2 week plan for me this time….not too many choices and very simple foods…She asked me if I would do Sushi and Edamame for dinner every day. I said absolutely not..unless you want me to fall off the wagon. That was a recipe for failure in my opinion..for ME. So she quickly changed it and came up with this :

Meal 1 (7am): glass of soy milk

Meal 2 (9/915): 2 egg whites (sub: paneer/tofu) with one slice of wheat toast (B complex)

Meal 3 (11): greek yogurt with 1-2 teaspoons sunflower seeds and cinnamon

Meal 4 (1/130): Cheese/Veggie sandwich (Omega 3)

Meal 5 (330): Handful unsalted peanuts

Meal 6 (530/6): Pre workout: 1 banana

Meal 7: Post workout: Protein shake (1 scoop isopure with water)

Meal 8 (8/830): Daal and Veggie Sabzi or bean salad (alternate) ( Vitamin C+Anti Ox)

Bedtime: Calcium/Magnesium

Drink 3-4 L water DAILY.

See, sweet, simple..and to the point!

Anyway, for some of us indians..we passed some festivities…we are coming up with more! As indians, we get to start holiday celebrations starting in Oct/Nov and it just continues through Jan 1! Lucky we are….but holidays= sweets=fried food=AHHHHHHH!

Don’t worry! I posted a Navratri fasting plan from Rashi on my facebook page. Judging from this, we know…you can celebrate and eat pretty clean at the same time. I suggested to her to post one for Diwali…

anyone celebrating Karva Chauth this year? I mean, it sounds like a “let me lose a quick 5 pounds” sort of day…..don’t eat/drink anything until the moon rises for your husband/boyfriend/lover’s long life……sounds like a recipe for a slow metabolism. I asked Rashi to post something for this day..coming up on Saturday….I will keep everyone updated..if you are going to do this, do it right! If your lover is going to live long, you may as well live just as long with him! In the fast togather..its the millenium…. Eating right helps ward off diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, and all that fun stuff. Fasting in general scares me folks….it really does…I feel like I may become super bitch half way through a fast day.

Now I am truly just rambling….please celebrate all the holidays coming up….Karva Chauth, Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah/Christmas and New much to look forward to..and my favorite….(a holiday in my own personal mind)….the first day it snows! So magical!