Hello pants I haven’t seen in 2 years!

I went into my old boxes of work clothes yesterday….thinknig I could find some fall sweaters for the brisk weather coming up…..and I saw these pari of pants..my mom REFUSES to let me throw away! She constantly told me..You HAVE these pants…go wear them..and my response? “I can;t they don;t fit anymore, sorry!”  The brand is BEBE—smaller sizes….i usually went up a size in that store but somehow..who knows when I was a smart alec and went and bought a size 2 pair of pants from there. Now I am sure they must have fit that day…but i don’t recall wearing them too many times..the last time…I remember I was in Toronto—2009! Its 2011…haven’t even LOOKED them at except to throw them out into good will—and somehow mother dear just seems to put them right back into my closet.

So since I am a curious cat, I decided to try them out..let’s see how much progress is needed to fit into these..maybe it would be an inspiration to take my 5 class groupon zumba classes……and continue my already 7 day no drinking detox (which feels grrrrreat btw). I throw on the pants…ready to battle with the button..and my knees nearly buckled in shock–they freakin FIT ME.  Last weekend I had gone “window” shopping and tried on some jeans…I noticed I fit into one size smaller but took it as a fluke..maybe the jeans were a different fit, different brand blah blah. but it is official. I am MY SIZE-1 ! (BTW rashi told me to post this as a celebration of my progress!).

Diwali is just around the coroner guys—we, as indians, should NOT skip any festivities due to “festive foods” …in fact, I had a diwali dinner yesterday with my family—we had some yummy foods of Bhel, paratha, paneer, mathia, samosa, and  sweet sev etc. and I ate heartily..because we don’t do this every day. One thing I had learned from Rujuta–don’t punish your self for anything…not eating during Diwali is a punishment, and if we have been disciplined mostly and have seen progress, the celebrations are a way of telling your body that you did well this year!

I cannot stress the benefits I am getting from sun salutations, or surya namaskar. I found this link online and I think it is a really inspiring article on how to complete surya namaskar daily…start off like this–I actually time myself for 9-10 minutes right now where I can complete 60 rounds in a heart pumping fashion (this technique was taught to me by my Chennai teacher, Vinodh from Bharat Thakur’s yoga school). The way I do it…the first 10 rounds are done with each breath, the next 40 rounds as fast as possible (i can still hear him counting faster than the clock’s seconds hand moves) and the last 5-10 are done again to strech yourself out and catch some more oxygen into the body. Forget losing weight–don’t think about that–the benefits of this are much deeper: clear mind, younger looking skin, stretching the body, a nice start to the day and a good warm up for your workout. Of course there are PLENTY more that help your inner body.  For those of you who are interested, take a look at this link:



New 15 day plan coming up later this week. BTW, I did indeed detox from happy hour this week (day 7!) until mommy dearest informed me: “Did you know NYQUIL has alcohol in it?”  OOPS….does that count:P?





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