Going past the next level…..

The most frustrating part of working out and trying to get fit is when you workout like anything, watch what you eat and show no results….that’s when the most dangerous two words go through the brain: “why bother?”

Like I have mentioned before, nutrition of course, is 70% of being healthy, but the right work out is the other 30%. The last 2 weeks I have noticed what works for me is a certain circuit training combined with cardio and some sun salutations–only 4 times a week with a healthy eating plan has toned and tightened everything. Not really lost any weight, but minus a size and 1.25 inches..no one would complain!

Today, I will share the next 15 day diet+ one of the 3 circuit training routines I follow (trust me it is effective AND fun!) as is the new meal plan!

Meal Plan Oct 31 (15 days):

Meal 1 (within 10 of rising): Any fruit (usually a banana, my favorite) (Vitamin B complex)

Meal 2 (9/915am): Cereal with milk (kashi cereals are good and yum…Special K..not so good for you!)

Meal 3: (11/1130 am): Plain Yogurt

Meal 4: (130 pm): South Indian (like Masala Dosa with sambhar+chutney, Idli with chutney,etc) OR Basic Indian 1 roti+ paneer OR sushi with edamame OR cheese sandwich on wheat bread (Omega 3)

Meal 5: (330pm): 4-6 prunes

Meal 6: (530/6pm) (pre workout meal): 1 slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter

Meal 7 (830pm) post workout: protein shake+ 1 portion protein+ 1 portion veggies (i.e. daal (protein)+ green veggies (veggies) OR avocado(protein) salad(veggies) OR cheese (protein) salad (veggies)) (Vitamin C, E and Anti Oxidant) 


The following circuit training program comes from a book called Bikini Boot camp. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G workout+ awesome results. Trust me, I see the results within a couple of weeks!

Circuit A:

Start: 2 min jump rope or jumping jacks or simulate jump rope

-Plie Squats (1 min): Do as many as you can focusing on form) (i do mine without weights but can hold 5 lbs)

– Bent Elbow Raises (use 3-5 lbs weight): 1 min

-Slow Bicycles (1 min)

–  2 min jump rope or jumping jacks or simulate jump rope

-Lateral Lunges (alternate sides): 1 min

– tricep Dips 1 min

– Bent knee roll ups 1 min

– 2 min jump rope or jumping jacks or simulate jump rope

– Leg raises against wall (30 seconds each side)

– Shoulder level bicep curls (3-5 lbs weight) 1 min

– Dead bug 1 min

– Repeat all from start one time

–should take between 38-45 min


3 min of traditional crunches with alternate leg extensions

3 min stretch

After this, which takes me about 45 min, I cool down for about 20-35 min on the elliptical.

The program also recommends doing a morning session of sun salutations for 10-15 min (I have gotten to 70 in 9 min) and meditation for 15 min to jump-start the day.

You can take a break between each set of leg/arm/ab/cardio set  but no more than 1 min.

This type of interval training definitely breaks plateaus and tones and trims you. Plus you can finish your workout in less than an hour and feel fantastic!


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