step 1: detox the body

OK…I have to say I have been getting a lot of people asking for more posts! Am happy about this so thank u for reading my posts and wanting more:)

Looks like there have been a lot of requests coming in about just starting out. Well, I have been going through in past posts about nutrition, meal plans, workouts, mental meditations, etc. But how do we take all that and put it all together?  I have been approached by about 3-4 people as to “I don’t know how to do it” and no matter what your case is….it all starts with one thing. make sure your mind is mentally ready and you REALLY want to start a healthy and fit lifestyle. For example, I was in all directions for 3.5 months. Then, last month, something inside me (mental) really just snapped and said “this is it. Get your self together”. So I went on a mental (and liquid) detox of sorts. When I mean liquid detox I definitely am not saying I consumed only liquids. NEVER do that! In fact, I limited my consumption of any non water liquids, juices, sodas, etc. for 4 weeks. Was it hard? Not really. I had the support of my friends/family but mostly, I had the support of myself. I knew this is what I wanted to do, and I did it. One thing I allowed myself is my morning and afternoon coffees. After all, you only have one life to live:)

So, Step 1…detox yourself. Get rid of anything that is harsh on your body and mind. A few examples:

1. alcohol

2. Fruit Juice (there is a reason you can buy the whole fruit)

3. Sodas/Carbonated drinks (Sparkling water is OK)

4. Stressful Situations

5. Stressful and Negative people

6. Sitting for hours watching TV (I am still guilty of this)

You get the picture. get the mind ready, and the next step is to clean up your diet. Nutrition is 70-80% of being fit and healthy. You can go to the gym for hours and hours a day, but if you come home and eat a bag of chips and cookies and beer, you will never see results…or at least the results you want. The second you start “eating clean” trust me, you will have more energy and your body will just start figuring itself out, both physcially..and mentally. I can say this with experience because in my clean lifestyle this last one month and a bit, I have figured a lot of my self out..mentally…things that seemed cloudy and confusing have suddenly become clear. So, I cannot stress : make up your mind and start eating clean. And don’t do this as a one-off. This should be a lifestyle…not a crash diet. 8 mini meals a day.  A few samples of my recent clean eating plans:

Clean Eating Plan #1 (do this for 15 days):

Meal 1 (10 min of rising): Any 1 fruit

Meal 2: (8am-830am): Plain Yoghurt with one fruit and 6 walnuts OR 1 paratha and yogurt (YUMMMMM)

Meal 3: (10-1030): 1 boiled egg or soy milk

Meal 4: (lunch): 6-8 tbsp rice + dal + curd or
cheese+ vegetable sw or
Pasta salad + veges(no corn)

Meal 5:(4pm): handful of unsalted peanuts

Meal 6 (6pm)(for me this was pre workout):  1 slice of wheat bread with guacamole

Meal 7 (post workout) 8/9pm): 1 scoop protein shake (post work out) AND
Salad + edemame or salad and  hummus

3-4 L water (flushes out the system and need to hydrate since I have been going to Bikram Yoga 3-4 times a week)

My more recent one is a slightly different variation of real hard carbs only before a workout:(same timings)

Meal 1: 6 almonds

Meal 2: Paneer Bhurji (or 3 egg whites)

Meal 3: slice of cow cheese

Meal 4: (lunch): Steamed Sprouts and tomato soup OR 8-10 tablespoons of fresh guacamole and tomato soup (love guac!)

Meal 5: bowl of plain yogurt

Meal 6 (early dinner, 1-1.5 hrs pre Bikram Yoga): 1 roti+daal+ veggie sabzi OR mexican rice bowl (6-8 tbsp rice+ black beans+ veggies +lettuce and salsa) OR veggie sushi and edamame

Meal 7 (post workout OR if not working out evening snack) (9/930pm): 1 scoop protein shake (I use chocolate)

I am actually LOVING this last one…of course catered to my taste it would be all my favorite foods of paneer and almonds and mexican and indian but….I thought I would be super hungry with no bread or pasta and an early dinner.! Have been perfectly (almost) on this. Even on my travel days!  because I have been doing so much Bikram Yoga (I used to do once or max twice a week now have been going 3-4 times a week because i like the mental clarity it provides and I am bored of doing cardio), I have to have enough carbs in my system before I tax the body with 105 degree heat/40% humidity for 90 min!

I would really recommend making only one change at a time…so if you are looking to get fit…start with a healthy eating plan….I bet you will lose some inches and fat right away. a week or so in, once your body is getting used to this….start working out. If you have not been in a while….go 3 times a week. I would do the following:

Day 1: 30-40 min cardio in any form (but make sure you get your heart rate up there, challenge yourself)

Day 2: Power yoga or weight training (upper or lower body)

Day 3: Combo day: Weight training (upper or lower body what ever was not done Day 2) for 30 min and cardio for 30 min.

If you have been going here and there, you can go for 4-5 times a week.  Just alternate between the above schedule.  Also, I highly highly recommend Bikram Yoga…..its fun, its torture but a good torture and it is an overall body toner+cardio in one 90 min session. Try 3 classes and you will figure out if you like it or not.

BTW keep a food diary of everything you consume. This will help you figure out your weaknesses! I know what mine are and when they occur…..and instead of punishing yourself for need to manage it. I think it is the hardest for women..esp. the age of 32+ or post baby or women who are battling hormonal issues. The diets above help regularize your body to deal with these kind of issues. You need a lot of food to have the energy and mental state to stabilize the body….

And if you need more motivation–check out the fit and fabulous Bollywood personalities along with the lady who changed MY outlook on eating Rujuta who I consider the 3 best role models in living a healthy lifestyle endorsing the same sort of way to get fit(one of them is a 30 something who is the mother of two kids! Will really want to look like that after two kids!): EAT!:

So, start detoxing your life… clean, workout, stop drinking for 4-6 weeks and can someone pleaseeee give me an update on if this worked for you? because it did for me! (lost an inch all over in this one month…even if people did not notice….it has happened!)

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  1. OH i needed this post so badly to keep my going in the right direction! I have been following your posts. Your my inspiration. Please keep writing and thanks again for this —

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