It’s tough to be a girl: Part 1 of 3

Every now and then, i wonder…why do we women have all the toughest things to endure in life? Men, in general, of course have their own share of issues, but as women, we have to take on a different level of hardships. Some, which are very worth it, some, which are worthless and some which are worrisome and a general pain.

So when I read the book “Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha” by Rujuta Diwekar, I had a level of appreciation for the understanding she has for women. Of course being one helps with that understanding:)  In her book, she outlines the different stages of a woman’s life and how we women tend to forget the most important thing….US. The pressures of society,  family, children, husband, in laws just weigh women down and we forget the last time we did something for ourselves..our health….

We forget, in order to get through all these stages in life, we need to have energy and a healthy mind. That all takes a back seat.  In this post,I want to share some of the diet plans Rujuta has in her book (for those of you that have not read it) for difficult times we women have to endure. Since I am well past my teen life, I was not too interested in the beginning of the book dealing with how to nourish yourself as a growing female teen. I am going to skip that part in this post as well.

1. Marriage: Regardless of where we are in life, we hit 25 and our parents start the ranting: get married, get married get married. Rujuta explains in this section that women first feel pressure to look good so to find a suitable groom for themselves. The tall, pretty and thin phenomena hits and during that stage of the life, women tend to think this will be an instant recipe for marriage. (actually, trust me, it is not). Then, we plan for our wedding. Have found the perfect soulmate…I need to lose weight for my wedding…..then comes the real are married and everything has changed. Your sleep pattern has changed, you feel the need to take care of your husband, in laws. Cook for them what they like, keep the house in order, most of us work so we have to hold on to our jobs. The way we make our food changes, Mom made food to our taste, we make food to our husband’s taste. if you are both working, you may be eating out or ordering in most nights a week. Everyone and everything is important..except…you. And so the post marriage weight gain occurs. What is Rujuta’s recipe for this? Start making foods and eating what YOU like as well. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. A sample meal plan she has talked about :

Meal 1: Fresh fruit

Meal 2: Chilla or Paratha (or something you have always loved for breakfast)

meal 3: Handful of peanuts or makhana

meal 4: Idli/Dosa+Coconut Chutney and Sambhar

meal 5: Chaas

Meal 6: Cheese

meal 7: 2 egg whites+ 1 whole wheat toast

Meal 8: Daal or kadhi with sabzi

2. Pregnancy and Motherhood: The time our bodies and needs change the most. Shoot, if we were letting go ourselves for our in laws and husband, the average woman would go to the ends of the earth to put her child’s needs ahead of hers. When you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant, the body needs the most careful nutrition you will ever have. Her pointers during pregancy include: Eat fruit AND dry fruit upon waking up, have a nutritious hot home made breakfast avoiding bread, pickles, sauces, have lunch by 11-1pm max, have lots of curd and chaas post lunch, cut down on tea and coffee, have an early dinner or a homemade snack by 6-7pm including cheese, paneer, peanut butter, stay active and workout during pregnancy, Eat seasonal veggies and sabzis with daal or kadhi for dinner. Post pregnancy–Nourish your body for the increasing demands of motherhood. Don’t push yourself to lose the baby weight until after you have your first post baby period, which is your body’s way of telling you it is ready to start healing again.  Don’t limit carbs…if you are breastfeeding, you will need this for energy. And do not skip meals. Your baby needs a happy and healthy mother…not one who is so drained of energy.  A sample diet plan:

Meal 1: Protein Shake (let the body recover from the over night fast and start the day)

Meal 2: 2 egg whites+ whole wheat toast (easy to prepare while baby needs to be fed)

meal 3: fruit Yogurt

Meal 4: Rice+ Fish Curry (for vegetarians can do paneer or daal)+veggies

Meal 5: Peanuts

Meal 6: Veg sandwich with cheese

meal 7: Chappati+Daal+sabzi

Meal 8: Stirfry veggies with olives(7-8) or daal+sabzi

Meal 9: (10pm) 1/2 scoop protein shake in milk for over night recovery

This meal plan will give a new mother the extra vitamins and energy needed to pamper and replenish the body.

Stay tuned for more coming very soon….!

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