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Step 3: find a new fitness regime or switch up a new one

The last step in getting fit and fab and almost ready to start getting ready for summer (oh yeahh this is just a warm up!)…is now that it has been a few weeks, switch up the fitness regime. And do a new diet plan. Your body gets used to things after 4-6 weeks, we don’t want to fall into what fitness experts call a plateau. I have been there, and I feel maybe I am there right now…..and it is frustrating. So, my plan is to take what I have been doing, and challenge my self a bit by doing things at different times of the day than I am used to. Your body reacts to changes easily… most of you know, i travel a lot..every week… body is now getting used to that…..I go to work, I take a couple of hours to wind down and then either go for a walk……go for yoga…or lately have been buddying up with my GF and going running for 30-40 min and then a nice walk and girl talk after for an hour. All between 730-9pm. I am not a morning person, so working out in the morning (pre-coffee)would be a huge challenge for me mentally..and physcially (helloooo coffeeeeee!)….So, I ran it past Rashi today and she thought, why not? Maybe it will help your sleepless nights! (yeah I hadn’t had a good nights sleep the last week for like 5 days in a row! nocturnal at its best). The first few days would be tough to wake up, but then I will get used to it. Don’t push yourself, she warned. You know you start reacting badly when you workout too much (strangely, I start putting on fat if I work out too much…..stress levels within go up).

So, here is a good plan I put together (and then we will get to the diet) for some challenge. I still am a huge fan of Bikram, so if you have not tried it…please doooo! You will hate me and this suggestion for about 90 min the first 3 fact, I took a break and went back last week and I wanted to shoot myself (read, dehydration, loss of balance that I had gained when regularly taking the classes and also threw up from the heat!). challenging indeed! I also have a standing date with my friend once a week for a GF run…by the water….in the evening..and I want to keep that which is incorporated in this:

Monday: Bikram Yoga in the Am/Cardio intervals in PM(20ish min)

Tuesday: Running in PM

Wednesday: Bikram Yoga AM/Cardio intervals PM

Thursday: One of the choices for an off day

One of these days I don’t take off will be Bikram Yoga day AM

Friday: Other choice for an off day

Saturday: Cardio Day

Sunday: Bikram Yoga/Long walk in PM

Well, lets see if that much activity helps me sleep. Of course after a day or two if things are not going well, I can always recalibrate my workout….to suit my body’s needs.

Rashi was mindful of the fact that I have been taking certain supplements and protein shakes for the last few months…she wanted to switch things up a bit (again don’t wanna get used to the same stuff ) and also, she wanted to put some carbs into the schedule at a different time than usual as well as try some foods that have not been added to the plan before. So, with some thought about what I like (yes I said ew to many suggestions) and came up with this:

Meal 1 (6am or on rising): 1 banana or any fruit (90% i eat bananas because i luv them)

Meal 2 (9am): 2 whole egg omlette with veggies and green chillis OR besan chilla (will post recipe)

Meal 3 (11am). : handful unsalted peanuts or yogurt with 6-8 walnuts

Meal 4(130): veg biryani with raita or lentil salad (alternate every other day)

Meal 5(4pm)soy milk

Meal 6 (6pm)guacamole or hummus OR if you like olives (I don’t) 6-8 black olives

Meal 7 (8/830pm) sabzi n daal or bowl of soup with veggies

For sleepless nights if hungry have 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter or glass of milk

Sooo in a post tomorrow will post some fun interval workouts and recipes !

It’s tough to be a girl: Part 2

We left off after skipping out phase 1 of a women’s life (teen years and puberty), jumping right into phase 2, marriage and phase 3 pre pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy.  Let’s continue on to some of the other major events in a women’s life that can be life altering, physically taxing and sometimes mentally draining if not handled the correct way:

3. Hypo/Hyper thyroid: Rujuta explains that whilst there is not enough known about the thyroid gland, it is definitely not something that should constantly be used as a factor to blame for not being able to lose weight. Lack of nutrition plays a large part in disturbing the thyroid in either direction as does stress, lack of exercise, pregnancy/menopause, lack of sleep and recovery all disturb the thyroid gland. Again, not taking care of one self. My personal opinion is that of course if you have some chemical issues, you have them, but keeping some of these items in check can help lower the risk of thyroid problems. The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolism and has an influence on every other hormone in our body including how vitamins are used within the body. So an imbalanced thyroid can completely derail a person. Suggestions to keep our thyroid gland in check..espsecially if you are diagnosed with thyroid issues:

–increase iodine consumption by eating natural iodine rich foods: carrots, bananas, strawberries, milk and whole grains

-Add in complete sources of protein in your diet: cheese, paneer, whey protein, milk, curd, daals, eggs, fresh seafood, chicken.

–Ensure you eat a bit more but eat wholesome meals.

–Take Vitamins B, C and E as supplements

–Do not increase calories at the cost of eating extra processed foods

–Do add exercise but do not over do the exercise

–Perform cardio excercise but not ones that will stress out your weight-bearing joints: knee, ankle, lower back and hips.

–Spend at least 1-2 days a week weight training

–Add yoga into your routine (I take Bikram and there are several poses that are for thyroid regulation)

–Sleep and rest enough. 8 hours a night is a must

Below is a sample diet recommended by Rujuta to one of her clients that suffered from thyroid dysfunctions amongst other issues:

Meal 1: 1 banana (5:45am)

Meal 2: Poha/Upma/Idli (7:30am)

Meal 3: Handful of peanuts (9:30am)

Meal 4: Glass of butter milk (11:30am)

Meal 5: Rice+Daal+Veggies (12:30pm)

Meal 6: 2 egg whites (2:30)

Meal 7: Vegetable toast (4:30)

Meal 8: Whey protein Shake (6:30)

Meal 9: Fish/Chicken+Rice and Sabzi (8pm)

4. PCOD/PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Disease or Syndrome–Excuse my langauge but knowing a good amount of women who have suffered from this, this is a b**** to deal with.  The presence of small cysts around the ovaries control the delicate hormonal balance that keeps us regular and sane. The entire body can be thrown out of whack, leading to issues with the monthly cycle, hormone imbalance, mood swings, depression, difficulty in getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy. It also exposes the “victim” in this case to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high body fat (ironic since high body fat can be a cause and effect for this disease), feeling uncomfortable, highly irritable, bloated after the monthly period. The first step to managing something as such is to lower your body fat levels. Stop hiding behind your PCOD/PCOS and start using it as a reason to take better care of yourself.

–Eat fresh whole some food and be mindful of how you eat. If you have this problem, you should take the most care of eating at regular intervals

–Avoid soups and anything that is over cooked. This will destroy the nutritional value of the vegetables and its uber important to get the vitamins and minerals the body needs to take care of itself.

–PCOD/PCOS requires more unprocessed carbs, so do not cut out carbs. Eat carbs such as humble wheat, rice, jowar, bajra, nanchi, ragi, barley (read: eat thepla, roti, paratha, thalipeeth, dosa, rotla).

–Eat complete proteins–Daal, Milk, Milk products, cheese, paneer, fish, eggs, etc

–Stay way from anything that says fat free or low fat on the shelf.  Add essential fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 to your plate which can be naturally found in: ghee, paneer, oils, thil, safflower oil, rice bran, sunflower, olives, coconut, etc. Eating fat slows down the conversion of food to fat. Add in ALA (Alpha Lipolic Acid found in flaxseeds, walnuts, green veggies).

–Eat an abundant supply of B12 rich foods: sprouts, fresh curd, paneer, idli, dosa, (anything fermented) which is great for your ovaries and allows for iron absorption.

–take care of how much calcium you have. In fact, you need it more than ever. Add in a calcium supplement right before bed time.

— Regular workouts are key to a regular monthly cycle and ovulation

—  Add in weight training workouts to your week

—  Cardio is a great way to burn fat

–Surya Namaskars help

— Sleep and wake up at the same time every day to keep your body “regular”

A sample recall for a women with PCOD/PCOS:

Meal 1: (6am): Museli+Milk

Meal 2: (8am) 2 egg whites+ whole wheat toast

Meal 3( 10am): Chaas

Meal 4: (12pm): Poha/Upma/Iddli + Sambhar+Chutney

Meal 5 (2pm): Handful peanuts

Meal 6: (4pm) slice of cheese

Meal 7 (6pm): Roti+Green Sabzi+ Daal or kadhi

Meal 8: (8pm): Glass of warm milk

And again..stay tuned for more to come! The list is never ending..ain’t it!