Step 3: find a new fitness regime or switch up a new one

The last step in getting fit and fab and almost ready to start getting ready for summer (oh yeahh this is just a warm up!)…is now that it has been a few weeks, switch up the fitness regime. And do a new diet plan. Your body gets used to things after 4-6 weeks, we don’t want to fall into what fitness experts call a plateau. I have been there, and I feel maybe I am there right now…..and it is frustrating. So, my plan is to take what I have been doing, and challenge my self a bit by doing things at different times of the day than I am used to. Your body reacts to changes easily… most of you know, i travel a lot..every week… body is now getting used to that…..I go to work, I take a couple of hours to wind down and then either go for a walk……go for yoga…or lately have been buddying up with my GF and going running for 30-40 min and then a nice walk and girl talk after for an hour. All between 730-9pm. I am not a morning person, so working out in the morning (pre-coffee)would be a huge challenge for me mentally..and physcially (helloooo coffeeeeee!)….So, I ran it past Rashi today and she thought, why not? Maybe it will help your sleepless nights! (yeah I hadn’t had a good nights sleep the last week for like 5 days in a row! nocturnal at its best). The first few days would be tough to wake up, but then I will get used to it. Don’t push yourself, she warned. You know you start reacting badly when you workout too much (strangely, I start putting on fat if I work out too much…..stress levels within go up).

So, here is a good plan I put together (and then we will get to the diet) for some challenge. I still am a huge fan of Bikram, so if you have not tried it…please doooo! You will hate me and this suggestion for about 90 min the first 3 fact, I took a break and went back last week and I wanted to shoot myself (read, dehydration, loss of balance that I had gained when regularly taking the classes and also threw up from the heat!). challenging indeed! I also have a standing date with my friend once a week for a GF run…by the water….in the evening..and I want to keep that which is incorporated in this:

Monday: Bikram Yoga in the Am/Cardio intervals in PM(20ish min)

Tuesday: Running in PM

Wednesday: Bikram Yoga AM/Cardio intervals PM

Thursday: One of the choices for an off day

One of these days I don’t take off will be Bikram Yoga day AM

Friday: Other choice for an off day

Saturday: Cardio Day

Sunday: Bikram Yoga/Long walk in PM

Well, lets see if that much activity helps me sleep. Of course after a day or two if things are not going well, I can always recalibrate my workout….to suit my body’s needs.

Rashi was mindful of the fact that I have been taking certain supplements and protein shakes for the last few months…she wanted to switch things up a bit (again don’t wanna get used to the same stuff ) and also, she wanted to put some carbs into the schedule at a different time than usual as well as try some foods that have not been added to the plan before. So, with some thought about what I like (yes I said ew to many suggestions) and came up with this:

Meal 1 (6am or on rising): 1 banana or any fruit (90% i eat bananas because i luv them)

Meal 2 (9am): 2 whole egg omlette with veggies and green chillis OR besan chilla (will post recipe)

Meal 3 (11am). : handful unsalted peanuts or yogurt with 6-8 walnuts

Meal 4(130): veg biryani with raita or lentil salad (alternate every other day)

Meal 5(4pm)soy milk

Meal 6 (6pm)guacamole or hummus OR if you like olives (I don’t) 6-8 black olives

Meal 7 (8/830pm) sabzi n daal or bowl of soup with veggies

For sleepless nights if hungry have 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter or glass of milk

Sooo in a post tomorrow will post some fun interval workouts and recipes !

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