It’s tough to be a girl: Part 3/3

Sorry for the delay in this series…..but what better day than mothers day to end the “dedicated to women’s lives” series of posts.  So far, the last 2 posts of discussed marriage, motherhood/pregnancy, thyroid, PCOS.  This post will conclude some of the common life changes or issues women go through the course of their lives.

5. Diabetes: Rujuta’s book explains that while the common person thinks of diabetes simply as “high blood sugar”, the REAL cause of diabetes is “starving cells”.The cells are not getting the proper nutrients the insulin is supposed to deliver to them. A big part of the solution to this are the following 4 principles:

–Do NOT skip carbs for dinner since the body would need them in this condition. DO, however, replace carbs with the wholesome kind : Rice, jowar, wheat, barely, etc.

— Eat every 2-2.5 hours to avoid the dip in blood sugar

–Eat foods rich in Selenium, Zinc, Chromium or take as supplements

–Eat adequate amount of protein and complete meals such as Kichidi+kadhi+ghee OR roti+sabzi+curd OR rice+daal+sabzi

Also include in a complete workout that adds in cardio+weight training and forward bending yoga asanas. Include as much rest and sleep into your schedule as you can. A complete 7-9 hours is a MUST.  A sample diet plan would look like:

Meal 1: Fresh seasonal fruit (best way to stabilize blood sugar levels on rising. Make sure to do this within 10 min of rising)

Meal 2: Museli+ Milk or Oats+Milk

Meal 3: Handful Peanuts

Meal 4: Paneer roti wrap with veggies

Meal 5: bowl of yogurt

Meal 6: Cheese sandwich

Meal 7: Soy Milk

Meal 8: Roti+Sabzi+daal


6. Menopause: Last but not least, the dreaded “change” a women goes through in her late years.  This is the time  when how you have taken care of your body over the last 10-15 years will start to show. If you have been feeding the body proper nutrition, working out and taking the right supplements, the body will be able to transition much easier. This helps in taking responsibility of you, yourself and your body both physically AND mentally. Even the most gentle, caring women  will start feeling angry and irritable around this time. The body may want different types of food during this time, things that were appetizing before may no longer be. Instead of eating 1 roti, your body may ask for 2 or more rotis. The following are some healthy strategies to start abiding by if you are close to or are already going through menopause:

—  Ensure the protein intake has gone up as the body will need more protein during this time

–Add in extra calcium as the Calcium requirement goes up. Add in Calcium Citrate at bedtime.

–Take antioxidants with Omega 3, Zinc, Chromium, Selenium

–Abide by all rules in part 2 of thyroid functions as this will be affected as well.

— excercise such as swimming, water exercise classes, walking, trekking are great

— Sleep Sleep Sleep!


As we conclude this women’s series, I would like to note: if you carefully read through each section, you start noticing that the primary guidelines for each health issue or milestone in a women’s life uses the same general principles. It is how you handle and nourish your body that matters.  Keeping your self mentally fit as well as physically fit is very important. After all….it’s tough to be a girl!


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