An Experiment Begins Day 0

Some of you may have been following my blog this past one year where I have outlined basic principles of nutrition that I have learned along the way. Along with that, I have talked about several different forms of exercise that I have used: Bikram yoga, body weight training, weight training, pilates, running, elliptical, HIIT, etc.

What I recently learned in my conversations with Rashi was that I need to start concentrating on body fat percentage. Any gym will do the analysis for you (although my gym seemed to have used this silly hand-held calculator which I was NOT impressed with). I went to my Lifetime Club in Atlanta and they have the body pro machine which accurately calculates your body fat based on your mass and muscle mass.  However, I can’t remember if I had socks on or not when it was calculated…so the accuracy of it now is questionable.  Either way, the range is +- 4%. from the two times I got it done.

About a week back, Rashi said: your progress hasn’t gotten worse, nor better because you follow a healthy diet…about 3/7 days a week. I bet if you just diligently only ate whats on your plan, you will feel the difference right away.  Last week, I did just that with maybe ONE slip up.

Then, I stumbled upon another interesting website where a fellow blogger was trying to see if fat/weight loss can be managed simply via yoga.  So, she tried an experiment for a month and just did yoga several times a week…ranging from Bikram to Vinyasa to yoga DVDs at home.  This got me thinking….I have ALWAYs wondered if Bikram yoga and some light cardio can  help me achieve fat loss? Yogis who have done the 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge have had mixed results..of course it depends on nutrition and other factors as well.

And putting it all togather I came up with an interesting idea for my OWN personal experiment. Can I see results in my stamina, body fat percent and other health factors (sleep, hair loss, skin) by doing Bikram yoga 4-5 times a week and maybe some elliptical or walking or dance 2-3 days a week? Let’s find out! So tomorrow starts this journey of Bikram yoga. One challenge I will give myself is trying to go for morning classes as many days as I can on the week days.  My two challenges in the beginning days will be:

1. Go to yoga class with determination and intention 4-5 times a week.

2. Go to as many morning classes as I can

3. Stick with a clean nutrition plan with as much as possible.

And I want to share my progress on a weekly basis.  My goal is not only fitness related but I have been having MANY issues lately that need to be resolved, the biggest being sleep.  What I wouldn’t do to get through a continuous night of sleep without waking up in the middle of the night for several hours OR like last night just being too wired to sleep until 4am and then wake up at 545am for my flight.

Other factors that will be monitored will be:

Energy level

Sleep cycle


Stagnant hair loss (I have been losing hair like crazy..even with my clean diet)

Mental clarity

And my meal plan for the rest of the week is as follows:

Meal 0 (if getting up pre-7am): 1 fruit

Meal 1 (on rising 8am): Glass of soy milk (B12 supplement)

Meal 2: (10/1030): Oats with milk and cinnamon

Meal 3 (1pm): Quinoa salad with beans and veggies OR cheese sandwich

Meal 4 (3pm): Handful unsalted peanuts

Meal 5 (5pm): 1 slice of cheese on 1 slice wheat bread (on workout days) OR slice of cheese (on non workout days)

Pre workout meal (7pm)(if needed): 2 figs and walnuts

Meal 6 (830/9pm): Grilled fajita veggies with guac and beans OR sabzi/daal or grilled paneer

Calcium at bedtime (I also take a D3 supplement and iron as prescribed by a doc)


And so, my friends, come share this experimental journey with me If anyone else is doing this with me, please let us all know! Having different opinions on the result is always interesting!

I am only signing up for about 2.5 weeks worth of this. After that, let’s see where we are to see if I really enjoy this enough to continue (no point in forcing something you don’t like when this workouts are supposed to be the ME time we all desire).

For now…time to try to catch up on the much-needed sleep! Till tomorrow!



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