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Working out with Bikram and cardio Week 1 results

Well, I made a small decision at the end of last week..whilst I had planned to do Bikram 3 times a week last week, I decided on Thursday to stop at 2 for last week, do 3 this week and go up from there. Why? My body’s electrolyte imbalance went nuts after session 2! Maybe a cop out but…for me and my body I knew this was the right thing to do. I was up all night Wednesday with twitchy muscles in several parts of me..which continued through Thursday.
Anyway! Other than that, I have continued some really awesome workouts…on Thursday I ran for 40 min on the treadmill…Friday did a spinning class and yesterday did a 90 min hilly walk!

I can surely see the results already but don’t want to comment too fast. Am still looking for some more stress relieving yoga!

My diet has been not too bad, not great. A new diet plan today so will have some variety!

So, the goal is Bikram 3 times this week, cardio other days…bring it on…

Sorry! I have to start over with the Bikram Yoga Test!

Sorry! I gave a day 0 update and then dropped off the face of the earth with my Bikram Yoga test.  In short, without going into a paragraph of the frustrations, the first day I went to Bikram, my wallet was stolen..and that threw me off mentally and of course with no money for a few days…no money = no money for class!  After that, my lost the mental focus (being honest).  But, as of today I can proudly say I have been to the gym or done some form of exercise for 10 days non stop, without missing a day.  So, i figured today would be a good day to regain the Bikram focus.  The reason for the gym? To gain focus again…I felt/feel I just cannot make a commitment to something (eating properly, gym, yoga) for more than a week or two, and I was the complete opposite of that, if anyone knew me! I had focus, concentration and drive.  And I need to get that back. So on Day 10, I decided to start the test on what doing Bikram 3-4 times a week as my primary form of exercise will do for me. I guess we will find out.  This requires some planning in advance as I need to make sure I use all the days I have this week to get the maximum amount of class time in….which means I have to figure out what days i know i CAN’t make it..and ensure i make it every other day I can.  I also have been decent about my meal plan..however, since I have been going to the gym every day (about 40-60 min of either weights, elliptical or on days I cannot go, i do an hour walk outside) has increased my appetite by a LOT…..I don’t like this, however, today, i started drinking more water, and perhaps of where I am mentally today, my eating has decreased significantly, to the other extreme where I am not hungry at all. So, yoga should balance all of this out! After all, it does Center you!

And so I will be checking in daily with how i feel and if i went….accountability always works!

I have my meal plan for the rest of the week.  Will be sticking to it pretty well as it is all of my favorite foods:

Meal 1: any fruit

Meal 2: Poha with veggies (options for egg eaters is egg whites with slice of brown bread) or cereal with milk and a protein shake+ a fruit post workout if workout is in morning

Meal 3: Handful unsalted peanuts

Meal 4: Hummus with salad and a slice of wheat bread or a cheese sandwich

meal 5: Yogurt with sunflower seeds

Meal 6: 4 apricots+ 4 walnuts

If workout is pre-dinner, do a protein shake post workout

Meal 7: Dhokla with chutney (coconut) or paneer tikka or cheese salad or kadhi (or mutia dhokla with kadhi gravy) and green sabzi


And so, till tomorrow after my first class is over tonight!

Please hold me to some accountability if you are following me!