Working out with Bikram and cardio Week 1 results

Well, I made a small decision at the end of last week..whilst I had planned to do Bikram 3 times a week last week, I decided on Thursday to stop at 2 for last week, do 3 this week and go up from there. Why? My body’s electrolyte imbalance went nuts after session 2! Maybe a cop out but…for me and my body I knew this was the right thing to do. I was up all night Wednesday with twitchy muscles in several parts of me..which continued through Thursday.
Anyway! Other than that, I have continued some really awesome workouts…on Thursday I ran for 40 min on the treadmill…Friday did a spinning class and yesterday did a 90 min hilly walk!

I can surely see the results already but don’t want to comment too fast. Am still looking for some more stress relieving yoga!

My diet has been not too bad, not great. A new diet plan today so will have some variety!

So, the goal is Bikram 3 times this week, cardio other days…bring it on…

About reshie2000

Just a regular working girl who likes health and fitness!

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