Road to the 10K almost done! New meal plan included

This will be a short post.  This last week was kinda a recover week, simply because I was mentally quite stressed. Last sunday was my last real workout, and that was kind of bad….I ran on the treadmill barely  1.75 miles. After that I did 20 min on the elliptical, almost ready to fall over, some abs and then I texted on my phone:) 60 min workout complete:) I find it funny (ha ha ha funny) but it also made me realize how dehydration  can impact ones performance. Anyway, I have been running and working out enough I did not feel bad.

Rest of the week was just mental drama. Delayed flight Monday, delayed flight Thursday and a whole lot of driving and mental stress at work.  But, I was not complacent.  I went to my Ashtanga yoga class Wednesday.  Well about half way through I realized they had changed it to an advanced class :-o!  But, I tried all the poses, even though some of them were insanely crazy! needless to say, I have been quite sore since.

Oh! and my back has been sore since last Sunday too. So I took it easy on the running. I would not be happy if something impacted race day next week! So I have been going for some strenuous walks every day since Friday.  These are not easy la di da walks, nor are they power walks. But think of a hill of grade 60%…and then think of many such hills and recovery flats…for a total of 5 miles. Definitely a workout!

I think this week I learned that even perceived low impact exercises (yoga, walking) can be difficult, challenging and makes me sore to the core!  I have ran a max of 5 miles now and  I am going to wing the rest of it.  I know I can do it, so I am not worried.  Mentally, I am determined.

By next week, I will be revamping my exercise routine quite a bit. This is die to a new way of thinking I am discovering+ costs of certain things not in my budget+ wanting to resurrect some basic hobbies.  Stay tuned.

I did get a new meal plan which should fix one fundmental issue I have had all week–been so hungry all the time. I can eat like crazy and still feel un-fulfilled. Not sure if it was all the travel, stress or just lack of food.

Anyway, I told Rashi today and we were due up for a new plan anyway, so we decided to go back to mini meals every 2 hours instead of every 3.5 hours. That works for me better.

We drafted my new plan based on being at home for the next 15 days. No strenuous exercise, as after my run Thursday, I want to keep at low impact activities but still make progress as I have a goal in mind after 4 weeks.  I also had some demands for her. I didn’t want anymore protein shakes for some time, and I wanted to eat spaghetti at some point and I want to start eating dinner early (around  and have a solid snack after.

Meal 1 (815 am): Any 1 fruit

Meal 2 (930-10am): Quinoa+veggies

Meal 3 (1130am): 8 walnuts

Meal 4 (130pm lunch): 1 chapati + dal + subzi or besan paratha + yoghurt or Chipotle bowl with brown rice

Meal 5 (330pm): 1 tea cup full blueberries+ 6 almonds

Meal 6 (630pm dinner): Spaghetti in tomato + veges + cheese or 1 cup rice + 2-3 bowls of dal + green subzi

Meal 7 (930pm): 1 avocado with salt and pepper and salsa.

One other thing I have started lately that my mom has been making in this heat which is GREAT and yummy and help satisfy me is ice cold fresh lemon/fresh ginger/pepper soda. It rocks! I have it every night mostly after a walk. It is so easy to make too!

And is just 4 days away from the race….my meals are set….and btw, I have raised now over $1000 for St Jude’s Children’s Cancer research. Thank you ALL who have supported!




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  1. wish u all the best for ur race and keep posting about race

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