A Real Life Yummy Mummy : Sandhya Ayyar

I met Sandhya when she asked to join the 66 challenge group just a few months back….she sent me a friend request as well and while I accepted I did not know how I knew her. After some exchanges I realized she was an avid fitness buff as well and was working out to become fitter.  After looking at her pics on Facebook, i “assumed” she was either single still and looking to get married or married yet no kids. Well, you know what they say when you “ass-u-me” 🙂   Through time, I found out she has two kids, a 9 year old and 5 year old. She looked FANTASTIC. Well, apparently she dedicated last year to really becoming fit for herself..and her kids. Check out how she did it and how she motivated herself after having a husband and 2 kids! Sandhya lives in Houston, Texas.

Sandhya Ayyar

“I’ve worked out for a couple of years, but my weight stayed stubbornly in the 130’s. Over the last three months, I decided to get really serious about losing those extra pounds and taking my fitness to the next level.

Here’s what I did.

Exercise routine: I worked out 6 days a week at the gym, doing total conditioning (strength training) classes, circuit training classes, and running. Initially I would often do two classes a day, until I did a metabolic assessment and received the advice to cut the classes down to a maximum of one a day — because otherwise I would not be allowing my muscle to rebuild. I also got into running outside, initially once a week. Now I run three times a week, usually between 3 and 5 miles, and go to classes the other four days.

Diet: Over time I’ve come to eat more protein, particularly after workouts. That builds muscle and controls my appetite. I enjoy cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and homemade fruit smoothies. I also cut out Nutella, which I realized I was eating way too often, and have cut down my rice intake. Otherwise I eat reasonably and it seems to work.

At a certain point the diet and exercise have gotten really enjoyable and now I can’t imagine going back. I love my new level of fitness, and though it’s been challenging, the process has also been very rewarding.”

I saw her pics and I wanted to hide in shame at my lack of looking fit compared to this mother of 2 kids! Check it out!

Sandhya in the gym last week!

Sandhya in the gym last week!

Definitely one YUMMY MUMMY!!!!!

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