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Week 1 Blast the Fat Cardio Week

So, I need to do some cardio as my cardio sessions as of late have been pretty slim thanks to Bikram Yoga.  The general week 1 plan I am planning on doing is 4-5 cardio days and 2-3 yoga and toning days. I am going up on the cardio to start off to just kick-start my program.  Since I have been working out the last few weeks I will probably be doing more than beginners can. So, my workout routine may be tweaked for people just starting out. Cardio can be anything from walking outside at a reasonably good pace (3.5-4.0 mph) to elliptical, jogging, spinning class, swimming, zumba class, dance class, etc.You can also break up the cardio in the day and total at the end if you are crunched on a busy schedule. I sometimes do half in the morning and half in the evening.

So here it is, the first week!

Monday: Bikram Yoga and 20 min cardio optional

Tuesday: 30-60 min cardio session. Upper body and abs toning.

Wednesday: 30-60 min cardio session; Bikram Yoga class

Thursday: 30-60 min cardio session. Lower body and abs toning

Friday: 30-60 min cardio session. Bikram Yoga and abs toning

Saturday: 20-30 min cardio session

Sunday: Off

Abs toning (pick 2-3 a day)= 2 sets of 15-20 : bicycle crunches,seated weight twist 5 lbs,  stability ball crunch (pass ball back and forth between legs and hands), ab leg raises, double crunch with 5-8 lb ball weights, side bends with 5 lbs weights, Plank (1 min 2 times), Side planks


Looking forward to seeing some results!