Who is Penelope?

Penelope came to me a few weeks back after discovering and reading my blog wanting to make a change in herself.  She knew she needed to do something, just couldn’t figure out how. And so….I told Penelope, if she becomes my pet project…we can make it happen….together!

Penelope’s  Dilemma?

Penelope has an erratic schedule. She doesn’t eat at home as much as she would like. She travels around, not knowing where she may be at any point in time.  Penelope, like many others, think this could be why she can never be on a healthy eating life style.  Having been through that myself, I want to prove to Penelope that one can eat healthy eating out 90% of the time.

How can YOU help Penelope?

We are going to have everyone interact to help Penelope and encourage her to get fit the right way.  At the end, if we can all get Penelope to her fitness goal, Penelope will reveal her self and the inner details of her challenges, her high and low points and how she did it.  Along the way, I will be posting videos on different aspects of how I am helping Penelope. So, you will learn what she learns on video!

There also will be contests where you can win small prizes. Each contest will have you either  guessing information about Penelope or encouraging Penelope in her journey.

Please follow Penelope on twitter: @Fit4Penelope and the more you re tweet about Penelope to your friends, the higher the chance of prizes!

And if Penelope chooses your motivational comments for her inspiration of the week either on the blog posts or twitter, you will win a prize! Prizes will range from gift cards, to free meal plans to weekly workouts drafted just for you.  The list is endless!

If you have a business that wants to sponsor gift cards for Penelope’s journey, please let me know! Esp. restaurants as I will definitely be using it as part of the meals for Penelope.

Stay tuned for the beginning of Penelope’s journey. She has started her journey today. I will be posting her first plan, her weekly workout and her measurements to start.

Enjoy and help Penelope! Let’s make this fun for her!

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