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Succeeding through determination and visulization

It’s been said that the first thing you need to in order to achieve your goal is set your mind. But do we realize how powerful the mind can really be? How do people go from homeless to Harvard or Slumdog Millionaire?  The mind has been set to achieve something…if the mind was not set, the goal would never have been attained.  And so is the case for fitness goals.  The mind has to be ready…has to be determined to make that change.  I have interacted with sooo many people (including myself a lot of the times) that say “I’m going to start going to the gym every single day” and do it…for a few days….the every single day will last for 5 days….7 days….

But there are those who MINDFULLY sit down, think about what they want and set their mind to it. No matter what happens, hell or high water, I will achieve this goal. I WILL gain weight, I WILL tone up, i WILL learn a new sport.  And those are the people who succeed.  The mind needs to be healthy for our bodies to follow it.  How do we do this? I’ve read fitness magazine articles, psychology books and even positive thinking books that all point to the same principle: we attract what the mind thinks.  The best way to condition our mind is to visualize what we want to be or feel at the end, feel the end result of the hard work and make up our minds to apply the principle of Nike: Just do it.  Until then, all the work will be half baked.

I read an article once about a celebrity who followed diets and exercise regimes over and over until they couldn’t even think of figuring out why nothing was every permanently working for them.  Then, one day, the mind was set and determination set in as well..”I will achieve my goal”.  And so the mind naturally started thinking “thin” instead of “frustration”. All was done to commit to this new goal…..morning workouts, eating balanced, and an evening workout.  Most would give up after a few days……this celebrity, however, kept at it for months…and achieved exactly what the end goal was.

Do I practice what I just preached? Not always….and I can see the difference in myself when I am hanging out, not setting a particular goal with a firm determination.  The workouts dwindle, going out and indulging in drinks and other “fun” foods happens, and “oh well, let me just skip my workout today” mindset is there.  When i get my meal plans from Rashi, at the bottom of each of her meal plan that she sent had the following text:

  • “Think Thin” and      don’t stress over your weight!

The key words here were “think thin” and I was like “yeah right how do you think thin?”  Now I understand what this mentality is. You must think you are perfect and you go for more.  You THINK how you will be after working so hard for the next few weeks, months, etc to reach whatever your goal may be.  Use a visual to think it.  Some fitness experts suggest you take a picture of yourself at what you WANT to be or at the least take a picture from a magazine of someone else looking like what you want to be and post it on your refrigerator or bedroom wall. Every day, you take a look at this to stimulate your mind to think positive and understand and remember the goal you set for yourself.  Remember, I am not just talking weight loss.  It could be weight gain, muscle gain, toning, calming the mind, doing more yoga, running a marathon, training for a 10K or 5K. The power is always within yourself. So don’t look to others for approval……trust your gut, even if it is one you are trying to cut down;-)