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Creating my own diet charts

I have thought a lot in the last few weeks, and I feel like I have hit some sort of mental stagnation with my food. So, I messaged my ever so favorite dietician who I have been faithful to for years now, Rashi, and we came up with a mutual agreement of letting me handle my own diet charts (after all, I am an expert now!) for a certain time period. I also need to create a long term goal (i.e. want to get down to say 19% fat) and get as far as I can, then have her help me get to that extra last bit.

So, the first step to that is starting on a proper self created diet plan. Now, this is more fun than I thought. But, I am a person of structure, and I need a plan, so I have to create one on paper and stick to it. What is motivating me is that I now also have my own clients who I am helping through THEIR journey of eating well, getting more energy through a proper diet, and losing inches and weight. Now, if I am doing that for others, then why not myself!?

I thought about my schedule for the next one week, and realized being at home had its advantages..and so does being on the road. I always go back to Rujuta’s philosophy “Think global, eat local”. So I thought of the summer season, where I would be and what my surroundings will be. For example, at home, I should eat the fruits of the season, the veggies cooked Indian style that I had growing up, the breakfasts I was used to growing up, etc.
While I am in NYC, I can skip the traditional NY style pizzas and go with the fresh summer soups, summer salads, plain cold yoghurt, fresh peanuts on the street, and all kinds of organic foods without missing out on the NY experience.
When I am in Illinois, then I do the basics which the Midwest provides for vegetarians : Cheese sandwiches, bean and guacamole bowls, tofu stir fry,sushi etc.

So, I will be posting my own plans (these are specifically catered towards MY body type, my metabolism and my schedule and goals) that I have created on a weekly basis.

My plan this week will be:

(within 10 mins of rising)9:00 am Handful peanuts and B complex and B6

10:30 am
Baked beans and slice of bread

Hummus + veggies or daal and veggies Flaxseed

2:30pm Bowl of fruit mixed with yogurt

430pm Slice of cheese

630pm 1 banana and soy milk (post workout)
Evening primrose oil

830 pm Grilled paneer and daal
Paneer chaat salad

I can basically make this plan work wherever I am. and I know I can stick to it. I don’t plan to go nuts working out this week much because I have a very hectic week coming up. The workouts will be sporadic (not non existent) and will start consistently next Monday (Aug 12).

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On the way back….surviving the time zones

On my trip in Bangkok, I spent half my time battling jet lag and therefore able to workout in the mornings and the other half relaxing and not caring about working out and even slipping up a bit on my meal plan ūüėČ let’s not mention the drinks just yet! (more about this later).

So here I am on my way back I’ve pretty much stayed up all night in order to catch my first flight. I needed to leave the hotel at 245 am to get to my flight. So after some phone tag, rashi and I talked and we planned out my plan for the next 2 days along with my 15 day plan starting Monday when I arrive in new York.

Because of the long distance, my flights and layovers were a bit crazy. For example, every time I landed it was Sunday afternoon then Sunday morning again!!! How do u figure out breakfast, lunch dinner? So this is what rashi did. She started the travel plan right after dinner Saturday night. Since I was not going to sleep, my body still needed the energy until I did sleep or my metabolism would crash which we don’t want! So after dinner, she had me do this:

Post dinner (1130 pm) :A glass of milk

On the way to Airport (3am): 8 almonds

Sleep in flight

On rising fruit and b complex

On landing: orange juice and cheese sandwich or mashed potato and egg whites

This brings me through flight 1 and the layover in Tokyo. Then comes the 9.5 hour flight to San Francisco. She basically said to eat well but eat every 3 hours. So this consisted of:

Meal 1: soy milk( I couldn’t find this in Tokyo airport but found a soy fruit bar so I am going to do that)

Meal 2: in flight meal and omega 3

Meal 3: protein bar (which I carried with me)

That should take me 9 hours or more into the flight. When I land in San Fran, it wil, be morning so at this point I more or less start my 15 day plan that was charted out for me for the next 15 days. Due to availability of foods in the airport, she gave me some substitutions for Sunday from San Francisco to new York. Also, rashi told me in terms of working out, don’t do full blown workouts this week due to the jet lag and long hours of travel. But she asked me to do at least 40 min of cardio 4 days this week, which was fair. Also, since I will be home after so long this weekend, she gave me home cooked meal options for the weekends too. So the 9/11/2011 meal plan for 15 days looks like this:

Meal 1 (on rising)(745am) : any fruit
Meal 2 ( 9am): 2 egg whites and whole wheat toast (or paneer tofu or baked beans) or dalia with veggies on weekends
Meal 3 (11 am) 8 macadamia nuts
Meal 4 (1 or 130) 1 roti and paneer or daal and a small salad
Meal 5(330) soy milk
Meal 6(530/6): slice of cheese (this week or non workout days) or next week when I resume regular workouts pre workout fruit and post workout protein shake

Meal 7( dinner)(830): moong sprouts salad or at home daal and vegetable sabzi

In San Francisco, if I can’t find the moong sprouts option (pretty good chance I wont) I will be looking for a cheese salad with a slice of bread for dinner ( pretty easy!)

I mentioned earlier in the post about my fun happy hour escapades the last 10 days…. Since i have been indulging, rashi wanted go keep the meal plan for the next 2 weeks a bit light to make up for the last few weeks. I was okay with that…….the biggest challenge will not be what I eat but my sleep patterns the next week or so!!! I can already see myself up and wide eyed at 3 am due to the 11 hour time difference! if I am…I will be writing!

Menus and Choices

So, I did a few days on the diet chart posted last week. Now that I am bumping up my workouts (and its a Monday tomorrow), I have the next 15 days charted out on a diet that is for a strenous on the road schedule.  And will post some sample ones over the fews days. The best way to go is to choose one that is best for your needs and easy and just go with that for 15 days. Then after 15 days, start a new one.

Here are a few I like and I didn’t really follow at the time I had gotten them because a) I was sick probably b) I just didn’t! (sorry Rashi!). Becasue I did not follow them, my body didn’t realll know them which I can use them. Remember, change the meals starting with the first one at 10 min of rising, breakfats within one hour of rising and then every 2 hours.

Option 1:

Meal 1: any one fruit (within 10 min of rising)

2: Cereal with milk or jacket potato with cheese (B complex and multi vit)

3: Peanuts

4. 1 chapati+subzi+dal or cheese +vegetable sw

5: Fruit yoghurt (flax seed)

6 (pre workout): Banana

7 (post workout): Soy Milk

8 (Dinner): Soup+ 2-3 egg whites (or can sub tofu or paneer if don’t eat eggs) (Vit C and Vit E)

Option #2:

Meal 1: Any Fruit

Meal 2: 3 egg whites (boiled or omlette) OR Thick Fruit Smoothie (be careful on this, try the ones with higher protein and natural fruit or yogurt and fruit or soy milk and fruit)

Meal 3: 200 ml flavoured soy milk

Meal 4: Grilled veges / soup +salAd with light

Meal 5: Slice of bread  with cheese

Meal 6: 1 scoop protein shake (or soy milk)

Meal 7: Grilled paneer +dal /soup +veg stirfry/
1 bowl of rice +thai curry/dal (3/wk)

Option #3:(good for morning workout days or long days )

Meal 1: Any fruit

Post workout: Protein Shake and one banana

Meal 3:(breakfast so by 8-9am) 2 egg whites (or baked beans or paneer) with 1-2 slices bread

Meal 4: Salad with vinegar or yogurt dressing

meal 5: Cheese cube

meal 6: Veggie sandwich (lunch)

Meal 7: Fruit Yogurt

meal 8: Mixed Nuts

Meal 9: Tofu  or paneer stirfry or edemame +avocado sushi

Option 4:

meal 1: Any fruit

Meal 2: Oatmeal w/Milk

Meal 3: Mixed Nuts

Meal 4: Cheese sandwich with veggies

Meal 5: 2-3 pieces of dark choc (at least 70% coco)

Meal 6: Plain Yogurt

meal 7: Egg whites+ any veg soup

(courtsey Rashi Chowdhary for Reshma Radia)

From now to Monday–whats the plan?

So I started  the food plan from the previous post yesterday:

I didn’t starve at any point! But I did have a couple of slip ups. My mom knows best that I SUCK at taking Vitamins! So, of course I completely forgot all the supplements. To fix this issue, I created reminders daily for every supplement I need to take in my calendar. Even if I eat lunch,the thought NEVER crosses my mind that I need to take vitamins with it! So, just like a kid, I need to be coaxed to take my supplements; and instead of by Mom like when I was a kid, my grown up version is my blackberry.

The second slip up, if I want to call it that, is that I had promised to go out with a friend last night. Well, should I have avoided this? Probably. But the damage was done and it was premeditated. So I did some damage control before I even went out.

1. I went to Bikram Yoga for a 90 min session that almost felt suicidal yesterday (more on this topic in an upcoming post)

2. I ate dinner BEFORE i went out. This way, I made sure I did not binge on junk food after wards like me and many people who drink tend to do. I had my dinner meal (I chose the wheat pasta with Veggies) right after yoga around 8.

3. I realized I could take an extra 15 min and walk to meet my friend from my hotel. So, even in the humid heat, with an already draining Bikram Yoga class under my belt, I walked 13 blocks. Every little bit counts.

After I got back home, I made sure I drank enough water, didn’t even think of eating anything and went to bed. So, whilst I did some damage, I didn’t completely damage my entire day. ¬†This morning, I had no feelings of remorse!

My third slip up was my diet log looked like this yesterday (compare it to the plan in the last post)

Meal 1: Soy milk (yay, good)

Meal 2: Museli (what are we missing? Milk!), Coffee

Meal 3(lunch time): Packaged 3 Bean Salad (good)

Meal 4: Blueberry Yogurt (YUM)

Meal 5: Kraft Singles Cheddar Cheese

Meal 6: Whole Wheat Pasta+ veggies

Well, i missed a meal due to my timings as you can see. And I should have added in Milk with my museli. Missing the meal was due to me waking up a bit later than usual yesterday and I decided not to do the peanuts 15 min before lunch and just had lunch right away. Well, lesson learned! This is why logging is good. You can learn what you need to work on!

So, we don’t have an exercise plan to start until Monday. That doesn’t mean I won’t exercise. It just means I don’t have anything regimented until Monday. For me, because my schedule, I like to take my travel days off, if I can. So today is a travel day, I gave my self a rest. yesterday, i did my 90 min. class. ¬†Tomorrow, I am sure my mom will drag me to the gym and I will do some cardio…or take a walk in my neighborhood for an hour. Simple things. So get out (or if you are in the “Heat Dome” area, get inside) and do something fun! Go for a walk, do a fitness video, dance around the house, do something to get yourself warmed up. Look at it like this–doing 15-20 min is better than nothing. So, just get yourself in the habit until Monday, take Sunday off and let’s start some butt kicking workouts next week!

Today is a travel day for me and so I just had lunch…an interesting bean salad option for those of you who like Mexican. I went to Chipotle and got a veggie burrito bol with: Black Beans, Fajita Veggies, Hot Salsa, Corn, lettuce and tomatoes. Boy was it YUM and worth it. And guilt free! Since my flight is around dinner time, I am doing Veggies+slice of bread option. Whats the best veggies to eat in the boiling summer heat? You got it! Salad! So I will pack a veggie filled salad and a slice of bread for the flight and crunch and munch at 35,000 feet:)

Guys, one more tip–if you are going for salads, cut back on the dressings. I know no dressing salad is boring, so use something like a teaspoon or tablespoon of balsamic vinegar or lemon juice. ¬†I also like using hot sauce, but I am a freak when it comes to hot sauce. I should carry it in my purse as I put it on EVERYTHING.

If you find you are having a late night and are hungry after dinner (this may be my case today as it will be after midnight when i get home), have a glass of milk to curb the hunger.

Stay cool and drinks lots of water before you get thirsty! If you wait until you are thirsty, its too late, you body is already dehydrated. Ooops–time for my blueberry yogurt!