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Post Holiday Boost to Christmas

Its been a while since I have written about any diet/exercise plans.  Well, here we are again. For all who followed my other posts on strong women: THANK YOU. I got a lot of positive feedback and I am thankful to those girls who gave me their stories very willingly to share. Stay tuned for more along those kind of lines.

So, we are now celebrating thanksgiving, reviewing the year and realizing where we have succeeded in our goals this year and where we have not gone very far. The last  few weeks, I have knowingly started becoming very in tune to my own habits — both gymming and diet.  When I write down what I eat, I realize that I have not been as faithful to my diet as I thought. Even toning down certain habits of going out only once a week and indulging in drinks only once or twice a week now, I have been more mindful how detrimental those habits are to any progress. No wonder I feel like I take one step back, one step forward and not really get anywhere.

Now that I am in tune with this, I have read many inspiring articles how some people can use mind of matter and reach a goal. So this time, I am making the mini goal– from tomorrow until Dec 25, I will work out every single day.  I will stay faithful to my diet every day other than once a week cheat meal and once a week (maximum) indulgence in holiday drinks.

Who is going to keep me honest? Well…you! Because I am sure there will be one or two or more people who are going to do this with me. Follow me on twitter and facebook, encourage my updates and give me yours!

I have an awesome exercise plan by the wonderful Tia Falcone.  I have a great diet chart by Rashi Chaudhary, who is ever changing my meal plans. And I have a great physical therapist and also a private pilates instructor that is part of my physical therapy. (For those of you not knowing, I have a disc that has displaced enough to give me no feeling in my left leg).

So, I, Reshie Rambles, commit starting tomorrow to the following:

Diet Chart from tomorrow for one week (will be updated live on my twitter and facebook pages, so follow me) and my exercise plan will be posted daily.

In general, the exercise plan is:

Friday: Pilates on reformer for one hour + 45 min elliptical

Saturday: Upper body+abs+ 45 min cardio

Sunday: Lower body+ abs+45 min cardio

Monday: Pilates OR abs workout+ 60 min cardio

Tuesday: Upper body+40 min Cardio

Wednesday: Light workout

Thursday: Lower body+ 40 min cardio.


The specifics will be updated daily.  I know I will make some progress if I really try. It is more mental than physical progress I am looking for these days.

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The facebook and twitter feeds will post live updates of my meals as they happen+ supplements+ workouts!

Beat the holiday bulge and become sleek and sexy by doing this mini challenge with me!

Who’s ready!?