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The Macrobiotic Diet– Celebrity Nutritionist SHONALI SABHERWAL talks about nutrients, macrobiotics and Katrina Kaif…

I was looking on the internet for something all natural to changemy diet and excercise routine up. I had gotten my test results back for a blood test and some of my nutrients were just not in line with what was healthy. So, I came across the concept of the Macrobiotic Diet and the biggest endorser of this in India is celebrity nutritionist and chef, Shonali Saberwal. She is responsible for the enviable flat abs of Jacqueline Fernandez and Katrina Kaif.  Just a few emails later, this very friendly lady had completed an interview for me to share the concepts with all you readers! Please note, Shonali is also an author of two books entitled: “The Love Diet” and “The Beauty Diet”.  Excerpts from the interview below:


Shonali with her healthy meals

  1. How did you get into the nutrition industry and what is your background?

I was searching for an alternative cure with food to my dad’s prostate cancer in 1998; I came across Mona Schwartz, who was a Macrobiotic practitioner, I approached her and trained with her for 10 days.  But this wasn’t enough so I pursued a course in the US from 2006 to 2010 at The Kushi Institute Becket. That got me qualified to be a Macrobiotic Counsellor and Chef.

2.  What different types of nutrients do you look at for different body types or goals? Or is every diet you prescribe based on the same food sources? What is the core theory behind macrobiotics?

The Common core of Macrobiotic principles is to keep away from foods that are extreme to yang (anomal foods, saturated fats) and yin (sugars, simple carbs, and excessive fruits).  It is suggested to adopt a middle path whole grains, beans/legumes, sea vegetables, vegetables, good quality fermentation, some fruit, nuts/seeds, good fats diet. Avoid caffeine, sweeteners, processed and refined foods.

3. Tell us about the biggest myths in the nutrition industry and what the reality behind the myths are?

  1. Carbs are bad is a myth – We need complex carbs to give us sustained sugars and good Macrobiotic Accessible fiber-which means foods that feed our gut bacteria.
  2. Sugar is a Superfood – Sugar will never be a super food as it leads to disturbances in insulin and also leaches minerals and calcium from bones
  3. Let’s switch to your celebrity clients. Jacqueline Fernandez and Katrina Kaif have gone through a huge transformation in their bodies. Talk to us about how this came about and the difference in how you prescribed the diet plans to suit their needs?

Katrina ate my food for 2 years and then I trained her cooks, just following the approaches above helped. Jacqueline still keeps coming back for her detoxes, etc.  They are very dedicated and stay true to what they practice and follow which has led to their success in having stellar bodies.

5. Hema Malini the dream girl, is a client of yours. She is in the elder generation compared to her daughter and Katrina, etc. How does that come into play when prescribing what to eat? Does age come into play?

The recommendations remains the same, except taking into account any condition they might individually have.

6. Tell us about the Soul Food delivery service. This is a great thing for working women/men and even your celeb customers. How does it work and how much are the common people adopting to ‘Soul Food’ delivery?

I have stopped my meals, and I am getting into health products (edibles to include in your day).  At present I do consults and workshops, and supply products to my own clients.

7. Let’s talk about your book “The Love Diet”(which I have yet not read but I have read “The Beauty Diet” Let’s talk about how you decided to write “The Love Diet”? give us a quick rundown on what it is and a sample “love diet”:)

Both books look at the core philosophy of Macrobiotics- The Beauty Diet is about the nuts and bolts of the philosophy and The Love Diet tackles Consciousness via food.

  1. Summer is a here and everyone is trying to get fit and fab for the beach. What are your recommendations for the common person who have to work, cook, and stay fit and fab?

Stay of dairy, sugar, white flour processed and refined foods

9. Can you give some advice to people who travel for work and how to eat out and still be on a macrobiotic diet?

Avoid dairy, sugar, white flour and minimize meat.  Include leafy greens and vegetables and have a whole grain once a day.

  1. Many people claim that cutting out all dairy and all wheat and grains is the best way to lose weight. Your thoughts/advice?

I don’t agree- DAIRY Yes of course, but we need whole grains like brown rice and millets, wheat is questionable based on who is intolerant to it.


So folks, want to get in touch with Shonali to get on the macrobiotic diet? Pick up one of her books (she tells me the third is on its way!) or contact her at:


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